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India has been a country of temples. For thousands of years, big and famous Siddha temples have been seen here. It is also mentioned in the history that when So many thieves come to India to rob these temples. The temples of India have been famous since the beginning. Sometimes the temple was famous for the power of God and sometimes the temple was famous for wealth. The history of temples has been in India for thousands of years. It can be said that since India has history, the history of temples has also been there ever since. In temples we go to pray to God so that happiness and prosperity can come in our life and we can avoid all kinds of troubles. The temple of Somnath has also been the most disputed in the history of India, many times foreign intruders came to the country to loot it.

In this part of Astro Only, we will know about the famous temples not only in the country but also abroad and you will be able to take the blessings of God sitting at home. We will bring information about all the famous temples of the country and abroad. Even today, there are many such miraculous temples in the country which are very important to know about, but due to lack of time, we have not been able to know about these temples. Like the Koranti Guarantee Hanuman Temple located in Gulbarga, Karnataka, this temple looks quite interesting by its name. The specialty of this temple is that Hanuman ji guarantees the accomplishment of work to his devotees, that is why this temple was called the Koranti guarantee of Hanuman temple. In the same manner, there is a Shiva temple in Uttar Pradesh where a person's offer broom to shiv for his skin diseases.

In this manner, innumerable famous temples and miraculous temples exist in India, we will give you information about them here and at the same time we will also tell you how you can reach these temples.

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