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Fast (Vrat)


The beginning of the fast has been considered for thousands of years. The importance of fast is also stated to be very high. This fast teaches the person to be restrained. With the help of Saiyam we are seen pleasing God so that God can be happy and bring happiness in our life. God bless us so that we can be successful in our life and all the problems that are going on in our life should come to an end. The history of fasting dates back thousands of years. In Ramayana, Lord Rama and Mother Sita are seen following the fast. Fasting does not only mean that we are hungry for a day. Fasting teaches us the restraint in life and explains how the work is done. Fasting is the determination to complete a task. Fasting is considered a part of meditation. Every creature in the world wants happiness in his life. To achieve happiness we must do good deeds. If we sin in life, it will bring sorrows in our life. Fasting brings restraint in a person's life and through restraint we understand how beneficial it is to do virtue.

The fast has been seen connecting with God. Fasting is one way to attain God. God is pleased with the fast and blesses us by seeing our restraint. The scientific significance of the fast has been told a lot. Fasting purifies the body and many diseases are seen to end. In the fast, the body gets rest and we appear to be healthy.

In this section of Astro only, we will tell you how fasts are done and what is the importance of fasting. On which date, which fast is to be done and in what ways are the benefits to be received from that fast-

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