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12 houses of a Kundli

KundaliTo make a person’s Kundli we have to know the 12 houses which are found inside the Kundali. The prediction and interpretation of the entire Kundli is associated with these 12 expressions. Today we shall tell you about all the 12 houses of the Kundli in detail. Let us know about what the characteristics of these 12 houses are and which expression is related to which part of your life.

The sun is the factor of the first house of the Janam Kundali. A person's anatomy, qualities, knowledge, childhood, age, health, courage etc are revealed in this.

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kundali First House-Lagna

The first house of the Kundali is called the king of all emotions. In this house, it is not considered good if more than one planet resides in it. If more than one planet comes into this house then in such a situation the life of a person is affected. The person can get problems related to his mind. The first house also shows the education of children, long distance travel, and the fate of children, debt and also the dominance of enemies.

The second House of the Kundali

The second house in the Kundli shows off about the future of your family members such as the loss of siblings, their expenses, the help you get from your younger siblings, benefits and growth of your mother as well as your lack of efforts are all revealed in this.

The characteristics of the second house-

This is an important house. It shows our Living style, marital Comforts, buying of the property and family. This house becomes activated only when a planet is present in the 9th or the 10th House. If no planet is present in it then the passivity of the second house remains intact. Even if the auspicious planet is residing in this house.

The third house of the Kundali-

The third house of the Kundli is known as the spirit of valor and courage. The conversation style and the efforts made to achieve a goal are revealed through this. This house is also related to your younger siblings.

Characteristics of the third house-

The specialty of this house is that it shows about the brother-sister, intelligence, relatives, letter writing etc. It is believed that this house can be seen as the only one to know about the mental state determination and language of a person.

4th house of the Kundali

The fourth house of the Kundli is said to be the house of joy and happiness. It is through this gesture that a person's image and relationship with other relatives, comfort facilities, school and education, vehicles etc are known.

Characteristics of the fourth house-

This house is the Expression of mother. It is through this house that we are aware of the secrets of the family. Along with this it also shows about the family and the ordinary life of a human being. This house also tells us about the career of the partner, marriage, wife and children.

The fifth house of the Kundali-

This is mainly the house of children and knowledge. This house tells us about knowledge, virtues, deeds, intelligence, children, stomach, vedic knowledge etc.

The characteristics of the fifth house-

The fifth house refers to the origin of children, representation of social orientation, entertainment, adaptation, romance, love, cinema etc. In this house, the virtues done in the previous birth can also be known.

6th house of the Kundali

This house is called the place of Enemy and disease and because of this we get to see negative things in our life. By this house we can know about a person's disease Enemies quarrels, loss of servants, sin- deeds etc.

The characteristics of the sixth house-

It is important to know about this house so that the negative things in life can be known on time and the person is ready to face his challenges. This house reflects satanic power, fear, humiliation society, inflammation, terrible diseases and misunderstandings.

The seventh house of the Kundali

The seventh house of the Kundli tells us about the life of the partner, marital happiness, business strategy, diplomacy, speculation, travel etc.

The characteristics of the 7th house-

In particular it is believed that this house makes sense about the home changes and foreign trips. If the Lord of the first house is situated in the 7th house then the person makes property away from his native land. Not only this it also shows about the adopted children.

The eighth house of the Kundali

This house indicates the most important topic. Actually in this house, there is the difference in the age of a man. Therefore it is also called the house of age. This leads to age determination, grief, mental stress and sudden distress.

The characteristics of the 8th house-

Research, treasury, mines, secrets, trade and business, lottery etc all come under the house. One can know about the Heritage of a person in the eighth house. The property received by a person after the immediate death of the head of the family is also revealed in this house.

The ninth house of the Kundali

This house is called the house of fate. This holds a special place in the person's life. What is written in a person's fate, what is auspicious and what inauspicious things are going to happen are all revealed in this house.

The characteristic of the ninth house -

The ninth house is also called the house of religion and Faith along with the luck. From this house, the thoughts about divine worship, luck, law dramatics, virtues, leadership, charity, soul, ghost ,Auditorium ,elephant ,horse ,philosophy, science etc can be revealed.

The tenth house of the Kundali

A man's deeds can be considered in the tenth house of the Kundali. In this we can know about things such as boss, position, social honor, work capacity, knee pain, mother-in-law etc.

The characteristics of the 10th House-

This house is called the house of the father and it is the opposite of the fourth house. In this house we can see things such as sentiment, lack of rights, family and happiness. Also many astrologers believe that the Karma towards the ancestors by the people, business livelihood ,status ,backbone are all revealed in this.

The Eleventh house of the Kundali

In this house, one gets to know about what is necessary to sustain in life. Actually it is the house of profit and income. We can also know about the benefits, method of income, gifts, friends etc through this house.

The characteristics of the 11th house-

In astrology, the eleventh house is considered to be very influential. This house tells us about the credibility of a person. A person's wealth and financial affairs are presented in this house.

The twelfth house of the kundali

In this house the expenditure or the loss of a person is known. This house considers things such as debt, loss, territories, money arrivals, house expenses, secret enemies, bedridden, suicides, possibilities of going to jail etc.

The characteristics of the 12th house-

It is believed that this house is hidden in the Kundli. Through this house we can know about the skills of the boss, the hard work done to earn money, the nature of work, the efforts and the vast amount of friendly relationships.

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