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Kaalsarp Dosh

KundaliYou all must have heard about the defects and flaws of the Kundli . These are such defects that can ruin a man's life. No matter how hard you try, you always miss your chance towards the road to success. Even after having a positive mind, negative things keep coming up. Many times such situations occur in our lives that destroy everything. Despite trying to move on, we always face failure in every stage of our life. In such situations, it is important to know if there is a defect or a flaw in your Kundli . Yes, the defects in your Kundli can spoil your life. In today's article we are going to tell you about one such flaw of Kundli which is harmful for both the married and unmarried people. We are talking about the Kaalsarp dosh. Today we shall tell you about what Kaal sarp dosh is and what its symptoms are. Along with this we will also discuss about the prevention of Kaal sarp dosh.

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What is a Kaal sarp dosh?

In the Kundli of a person, the Rahu Ketu is created in such a way that they become face to face and both remains at 180 degree and the remaining seven planets are on the side of Rahu Ketu and no other planet remains on the other side, then in such a situation Kaalsarp is formed. Due to which a man starts walking towards the path of destruction.

The symptoms of Kaalsarp dosh-

Kaal sarp dosh for married people-

Kaal sarp dosh never lets happiness enter in the lives of married people.
A person gets deprived of child bearing.
The women tend to have frequent miscarriages.
It is also seen that even if a child is born his life expectancy is very low.
There will be regular fights at home.
Kaal sarp dosh gives more troubles to women.
The Mind gets distracted from religious activities.
Marital life becomes disturbed due to this defect.

Kaal sarp dosh for the unmarried people-

Despite working hard the users do not get the desired results.
Get caught in a fight without reasons.
Always get dreams of horrible snakes.
There are always chances of getting injured.
Troubles occur in marriage.
You may also get cheated by your own people.
Will have difficulties in finding a job.
Students are not interested in studying and sometimes they fail too.
Health begins to decline.

How can we prevent/remove Kaal sarp dosh?

Let me tell you that it is very important to remove such defects. If something similar is happening to you, then you must read these preventions carefully.

Since the Kaal sarp dosh is associated with a Serpent (Naagin), for its prevention you must make a silver Serpent pair and worship it and later on make it flow into the water.

Lord Shiva is God the God of serpents, so you must go to Lord Shiva's temple daily and office sandalwood cologne on pindi can observe a fast on Monday.

You must chant Hanuman Chalisa day and night and whenever you get a free day at night read Hanuman Chalisa again.

The temple where Lord Shiva does not reside with the Serpent God you must make a Naag Devta over there.

You must right to free the serpents that are caged.

Tie the pair of serpents with coconut attached to a mauly and make it flow into the water.

Chat Om Namah Shivaya 101 times a day.

Offer 7 mauly made of Sandalwood to the Shiv Temple on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Along with this prayed to Lord Shiva to get rid of Kaal Sarp dosha.

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