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Navamansh Kundli

KundaliThere are 12 emotions to look at any birth chart. Each emotion has its own unique feature. Among all the expressions the Navamansha emotion is the most important because this is the emotion of luck. Our destiny is the most important part of the Kundli. In order to know about our fate, different types of Kundli are formed which is called as Navamansh Kundali. All the things are known in the Kundli itself but in order to understand the lagna Kundali in detail it is very important to know about the Navamansha Kundli. Today we shall tell you about this Kundli in detail.

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What do you mean by Navamansh Kundali?

The Navamansha Kundli is actually the Divisional Kundli which is known as D9 chart in Vedic astrology. The Navamansha has a common meaning. It means division. Generally the birth charts are not so easy to understand because many things are written in it. The most important thing in all of them is our fate so the Navamansh kundli has been created for this. In this only faith can be read and it is given in the name of Divisional Kundli which is necessary to understand for the essential parts of life. All the things mentioned in the lagna Kundali such as strength, happiness and accurate results of the planets can only be known by the analysis of the Navamansha Kundli. The November Kundli is a detailed form of the seventh house of a birth chart. It certainly shows all the auspicious and inauspicious results of the 7th house.

Significance of the Navamansha Kundli

The actual results of a Kundli are revealed through the Navamansh Kundali. Through this, the knowledge regarding a person's marriage, marital happiness and marital status is known. Any higher Zodiac planet in the now function always gives auspicious results even if it is in the lower zodiac in the birth chart.

A planet residing in the lower zodiac sign in the Navamansha Kundli gives inauspicious results even if it is the highest in the lagna Kundali.

All the events that happen to a person directly or indirectly are revealed in the Navamansha. As such as cheating in love, trouble in getting married, financial gains and losses etc.

The planets residing in the higher zodiacs give auspicious results.

Find out about your marital life with the help of Navamansh Kundali-
Through the Navamansha, we get to know about the marital life in detail. The main aspects of this divisional Kundli are to examine the marriage possibility, know about the temperament of the husband and wife, sweetness in relationship and character. One must make a systematic order in their marital life through the help of Navamansha.

Related features in the Navamansha Kundli-
If the Navamansha Kundli has lagna, seventh emotion, auspicious sight and good position then the marriage of the boy or the girl then the marriage takes place on time and there shall be sweetness in their married life.

If in the Navamansha Kundali, there is a presence of Saptamesh and Shukkra then you shall attain a true loving life partner.

If in the Navamansha Kundali, there is a presence of Shukra in boy’s Kundali and there are connections of Guru, Shani and Ketu in girl’s Kundali then you shall attain a beautiful life partner.

In the Navamansha Kundli, the marriages were troubled due to the suffering of the fifth and the seventh house. The marital relationships began to deteriorate and betrayal in love happened.

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