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Kundli Remedies

KundaliIf kundli has dosha so it should be removed as soon as possible. If your planets are not in good position and remedies are not performed then you will have to face some consequences. Planet plays an important role in our life. We should keep away from their bad effects of planets. If you perform remedies to get good results of planets it will brings good luck in your life. Today, we are going to tell some remedies to get good impact of planets.

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If the Sun is weak in kundli, a person has low confidence as well as has to deal with loss in business. If any planet can be a cause of insult to native it will be Sun. If Sun weak in kundli native should have to drink water in a copper vessel in the morning. And if native wants to do, should have to offer water to the Sun early morning. These remedies can be beneficial to native.


The Moon mainly affects the mind of the native. This is a very important planet to keep calm the mind of native. If Moon is in weaker position in kundli then person gets mentallly problems. Not only this, gets humiliated by the other person in society. At the work front, native has also to face difficult times. This is the reason all the astrologer keep an eye on Moon movement. Person should not to have drink milk in night if Moon is weak in the kundli.If person does not stop consuming the milk in night then his health can be affected. Person should have to eat home cooked food special cooked by mother.


Undoubtedly, Mars is said to be a bad planet in astrology but is also a very important planet to natives. If Mars is not in a good position, natives do not get respect and love in the society. Not only this, Person can be seen fighting with family members without any reason. If Mars is weak in kundli, person should have to fasting on either Saturday or Tuesday native should not eat spice food but sweet. These remedies will help to improve in Mars position.


Mercury planet is associated with Speech and mind of native. Also, Mercury helps in business matters and financial. If Mercury is in a bad position in kundli, a person should pray to Lord Ganesha. Fasting is also a good remedy for mercury. By praying to Lord Ganesha, a person gets positive results. Native should not avoid cleanliness. Because dirtiness gets the mercury effects down.


Jupiter is seen as the Guru of all Gods. In astrology, It has been considered a respectable planet too. It has been given as an adjective of the husband. Jupiter is a very important planet for women. In women kundli, marital happiness is represented by the Jupiter the same time, it has been considered as important planet to getting good result in business. If Jupiter is in a good position, person can be seen of settled in foreign land. Women suffer a lot in marriage if Jupiter does not take a right place in kundli. Such native should pray to Lord Vishnu and fasting can be done also. Try to wear yellow clothes as much as can be done. Yellow items like wearing a gold chain can also be a good option.


Venus brings love, happiness and luxury in life. Venus play an important factor in marital bliss as well as love and lust. If Venus is not in a good position in kundli, a person is constantly disturbed in life. Memory is also affected by mercury position. To enhance the power of mercury, clothes of white colour should be worn by the native. Offering water to the Sun should be done and chanting the mantra of Shiva.


Saturn is said to be the God of justice. This planet is often seen troubling people. If Saturn (Shani Dev) is weak in your kundli, then you should need to notice one important thing that does not insult the women present in the house or office at all. If you do this then Saturn And it seems to be weakening. As well as you should donate mustard oil on Saturday.

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are also two planets, which comes inside astrology, both Rahu and Ketu are weak in your kundli, then you should worship Hanuman ji continuously and take special care of cleanliness. And you must go to the temple one or twice a week and light a lamp (Ghee diya) in the temple. So Rahu and Ketu will be seen in your kundli.

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