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Shani Sade Sati

KundaliShri Shani Dev is called the God of Justice and Magistrate. Whoever becomes the victim of Shani Dev's anger gets destroyed and when Shani Dev becomes pleased and happy by someone he fills them with abundance. All of you must have heard about the rages of Shani Dev. One among them is the seven and a half outbreak (Sade Sati) which is the most extreme among all. Sade Sati means to be surrounded by Dosh for seven and half years.

So let us know when a seven and a half years dosh occurs in a person's zodiac and what are the remedies for it.

Is the Sade Sati dosha believed to be the slowest moving planet which takes two and half years to travel from one zodiac to the other. If Shani is the birth zodiac of a man while transmitting, then that Zodiac and the following zodiac sign along with the 12th zodiac will be affected by the Sadesathi effect. It takes 7 years and 6 months to pass through these three Zodiac signs which are called the Shani's Sade Sati.

The Shani's Sade Sati effect fills one's life with troubles. When this dosh takes place in a person's Zodiac then he has to suffer a lot. A person has to face crisis, accidents, financial loss, humiliation and many other problems in his life. The person cannot get rid of this defect even if he wants but if he attains the grace of Shani Dev then he can be freed from this defect.

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Signs of Shani's Sade Sati-

The zodiac sign which has this effect has to face a lot of financial difficulties in his life.
The earnings get reduced due to low-income and increase in expenses.
He gets deprived of sleep and worries start to increase day by day.
Marital life becomes chaotic due to regular fights between the husband and wife.
Health begins to decline due to increasing mental concerns.
The youth are forced to stay away from their homes.
Due to Chinese outbreak a person has to go on long journeys.
Friends and family refuse to help and leave his company.
You will receive a lot of sorrows from your children's behavior instead of getting happiness from them.

Things to remember during the Sade Sati Dosha-

When a person is going through a Sade Sati dosha then he should maintain distance from the following things-

You should never travel alone and be careful while driving.
Stay away from bad company and alcohol.
You must avoid keeping your opinion at the time of disputes.
Try to participate in all of the religious activities and meditate while reciting bhajan kirtans.

Remedies to cure the Sade Sati dosha-

In order to be free from this defect, it is necessary to please Shani Dev.
You must offer oil to Shani Dev on every Saturday and little lamp on a Peepal Tree before and after the sunrise. Along with this also offer urad and jaggery to the peepal tree.
You must feed food to the poor and needy on Saturdays and donate things like mustard oil cloths blankets, iron materials etc.
Must read Shani Chalisa and Shani Stotra daily along with your family.
Buy pleasing Lord Shiva Shani Dev also becomes happy so try to please Lord Shiva.
You must feed meals to the cow and ants with honey and sugar.
Observe a fast for Shani Dev for 41 days with full devotion and honesty.
Chant Om Sh: Shaneshwara Namah: 101 times a day.
A person who has this defect in the horoscope should leave a black leather shoe or sandal behind in the temple on Saturdays.
While leaving the sandal in the temple , never turn and look back.
With the help of all these remedies, Shani Dev will definitely be happy and pleased by you and all your happiness will return back to your home by removing the Sadesati defect from your kundali.

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