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Kundli Yoga

KundaliThe Kundli is considered to be the base of astrology. The Kundli is actually prepared by studying the position of the planets based on time, date and place of birth of a person. It also determines the present and future of a person. The current position of planets in 12 different houses of the Kundli creates the Yog. This Yog is positive and fruitful and also beneficial while it is sometimes harmful and painful too. This painful Yog is known as to be the Dosh. Today we shall tell you about the different dogs of a Kundli which can be fruitful for a person, these positive yokes are formed by the position and tactics of the planets and as well as their Union.

There are different types of yog in Kundli. These rocks are considered to be fruitful and auspicious for the person. Due to the formation of this Yog, a person's luck changes from night to night. Many times we get to hear that suddenly someone became rich and someone became the most affectionate person in the world. All these changes are caused by the formation of yog in a person’s Kundli. The creation of yog in a kundli gives rise to the Fortune of the person and due to his good fortune the person is able to attain all the happiness for a better life.

A lot of yog are created by the influence of the planets in a Kundli but today we are going to tell you about those important yogs due to the formation a person's fate will surely arise.

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GajaKesari Yoga-

Moon is a planet that does not remain stable in one place for a long time. Also many eggs are formed by the changing position of the Moon. In such a situation when the moon and the Guru are seated in the centre of a person, then the GajaKesari Yoga is created. Many times when Venus along with the moon comes in the centre of the Kundli this Yog is also formed. The GajaKesari yoga is considered to be lucky for a person. This Yog is also accepted as the yog of the elephant and the lion whose meaning is taken from the gold and the lion. The formation of this Yog increases the social honor and Prestige of a person. Due to this Yog the financial situation becomes strong and the person is blessed by Goddess Lakshmi.

Budhaditya Yoga

When the sun and mercury are seated on the same planet, Budhaditya Yoga is formed. The union of the two is considered to be very auspicious and beneficial. Due to this Yog a person becomes tolerant and intelligent. This is what makes the Yog courageous and self respecting. People of this Yog make progress in business and also help others in business.

Hans Yoga

This Yog is formed due to Guru. Planet Guru is residing in Zodiac signs such as pieces Sagittarius and cancer and is situated in the centre of the Kundli then the Hans yoga is created. This sign is considered to be very auspicious and due to this the person becomes expert in his field. The person will be intelligent and academic because of this Yoga.

Kedar Yoga

When the seven planets of the Kundli are in any one of the four Zodiac signs then the Kedar Yog is formed. People of this Yoga have a lot of wealth and are able to continuously increase their wealth.

Apart from this, there are many other yogs which are also formed on the basis of the planetary positions in the house. All the Yog are very beneficial and important for a person. The Yog determines the future of a person. And due to this Yog one becomes very rich and strong suddenly. Everyone should periodically check their yogs. With the help of the astrologers you can know about the yolks at the right time so that by taking the advantage of the situation you can be successful in improving your life.

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