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Today's Tithi

According to Astrology, Tithi means to measure the distance between the sun and the moon. The distance between the sun and the moon or the distance that forms between them is called the Tithi. Generally, it tells us the variation covered between the moon and the sun on the basis of which the horoscope, panchang etc are made. Basically, the Earth revolves around the sun and the moon is revolving around the earth. Meanwhile, the sun and the moon are present at the same degree from the Earth, sometimes at 180 degree, at that time both are visible at the same degree and that is the time when the Amavasya occurs and when there is a difference of 180 degree then it is declared as the full moon (Purnima).That both this events is seen happening once in a month. The amavasya takes place once in 30 days and the full moon once in 30 days. The time taken between amavasya and Purnima and likewise the time taken between Purnima to Amavasya, the variation between these times is called the Tithi. Going towards Purnima and Amavasya to Purnima is said to be Shukla Paksha. Simply speaking, when the moon rises up, those days are called Shukla Paksha and when the moon is decreasing it is called Krishna Paksha.


Following are the names of 30 Tithi -

  • Purnima(Puranmasi)
  • Pratipada(Padwa)

From Purnima to Amavasya there are 15 tithi and from Amavasya to Purnima,30 more tithi and 16 Tithi in general.

What is a Tithi in simple words?

Let us explain it to you in simple words; like we have 24 hours according to the English hours, according to the Hindu calendar, a Tithi varies from 19 hours to 24 hours. Some Tithi are of 19 hours and some can be of 24 hours. Now, if a tithi is of 19 hours then in the mid night itself the tithi changes. We know that the next day begins when the sun rises and this is called Saavan. That is from one Sunrise to the next sunrise, the tithi is decided from the distance between the sun and the moon.

Some interesting things about the full moon day-

Do you know a full moon day is a Tithi? It is said that the negative thoughts increase on the full moon day. On this day a person is likely to get some negative thoughts. This is the reason why it has been said in the scriptures that a person should observe a fast on the full moon day. By keeping the fast, the person's negative thoughts are reduced. On the full moon day, a lot of thought can fluctuate in our minds.


Talking about Amavasya, it is connected with negative energy. There is no ray of light on this day and this is why the negative forces are showing its strong emphasis and there is complete silence all around. Here are some of the main Amavasya- Bhaumvati Amavasya, Mauni Amavasya, Shani Amavasya, hariyali Amavasya, diwali Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya and Sarvapritru Amavasya.


You must know that Ekadashi also comes under the tithi and it has a great significance. On this day a person observes a fast and by the grace of Lord Vishnu, all his sufferings come to an end. In a month there are two Ekadashis. Due to the position of the Moon, the mental state of a person always keeps changing. Let me tell you that the position of the moon affects every person of every zodiac sign. In such a situation, if one observes the Ekadashi fast correctly then the ill effects of the Moon seems to end. This is why the Ekadashi fast is observed.  Now , let us know the names of the main Ekadashis- Kamda and Varuthini Ekadashi in Chaitra month, Mohini and Aparna in Vaishakh month, Nirjala and Yogini in Jyestha month, Devshayani and Kamika in Aashad month, Putrada and Aja in Shravan month, Parvatini and Indira in Bhadrapada month, Papankusha and Rama in the  of month of Ashwin, Prabodhini and Utpanna in the month of Kartik ,Mokshada and Safala in Margashirsha,Putra and Shatila in Pausha, jaya and Vijaya in Magha, Amalaki and Papamochini in Falgun, Padmini and Parma Ekadashi in Adhikamas(once in three years).

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Today's Tithi

According to Astrology, Tithi means to measure the distance between the sun and the moon. The distance between the sun and the moon or the distance that forms between them is called the Tithi.

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Shubh Muhurat

In Hindu religion Shubh Muhurat is always decided before starting any work. Whenever we want to do any work,we look for the favourable position of nakshatra and Chandrama to get the Shubh Muhurat so that we can get fruitful results. Any work without shubh muhurat is not considered lucky. According to astrology, work done according to Shubh Muhurat always gives lucky results, whereas work done against the shubh muhurat gives unfavourable results due to which it has its own importance. In Hindu calendar muhurat has its own place wherein Panchang everyday hazards on muhurat.

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Rahu Kaal

As specified from the name ,RahuKaal is not suitable for doing any work. If you look at the image of RahuKaal then there is a snake on head. This name itself clarifies that this time is not suitable for humans.

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Today's Karna

The Karan has a special importance inside the Panchang. You must know of this fact that without the Karan, an auspicious muhurat is neither made nor seen.

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Today's Nakshatra

The universal path around the sun in the sky is called the Kranti Vrat, the planets and the cycles are seen moving around it, there are 12 groups of light beams (prakash punj) in the Kranti Vrat and these are called the zodiac signs.

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Today's Vaar

Panchang is considered  day wise. There are seven days in Panchang - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. All the days of a week are considered as war. Time.

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Today's Yog

There are five important elements in Panchang in which one of them is Yog. Yog is decided with the help of the moon and sun. The Yog in which a person is born has the qualities accordingly.

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In english language Tyohaar is known as a Festival. Festival plays a very important role in Hindu religion and all other religions across India. Festivals symbol of happiness and joy which brings cheerfulness in life.

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