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Sai Pooja

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Everyone in the world is well aware of the grace of Sai Baba today.  The Devotees believe that if anyone one of them goes to Sai Baba's court then one never comes back empty-handed. Rather all their wishes are fulfilled. Sai Baba never leaves the company of his devotees and easily removes problems such as related to wealth, family, business, children and education. If a person once pleads to Sai Baba to complete a work of his then Baba fulfils his wish without fail no matter what time it is.

So, in such a situation why should you keep your desire to your mind and only dream about it instead pray to Sai Baba by keeping your faith as a true devotee and change your life with the blessings of Sai Puja. What's the delay today itself? Contact Astro only and get the Sai Puja done.

Sai Pooja

Sai Baba's glory in Shirdi is unique. Sai Baba proves everyone's wishes. No one returns empty-handed to their door. When people are filled with sorrows and there is no way in life, then only Sai Baba comes in handy. People get desired results by serving and worshipping Sai Baba. Let's know about the glory of Sai Baba

Importance of Sai Puja

All Hindus and Muslims worship Sai Baba. Sai Baba is a deity whom people of all religions believe. Though Sai Baba is worshipped every day, special worship is important on Thursday. On this day, the fast of Lord Sai is kept and worship is done with Vidhi Vidhi. Sai Baba's glory cannot be praised in lunar words. A large number of devotees across the world offer prayers to Sai Baba. If you have any desire in your mind or if you want to complete some work, then keep a fast on Thursday for Sayin Baba. By observing their fast, they bless it very quickly. Whoever surrenders himself at the feet of Sai Baba, never let Sai Baba disappoint him. He can face big problems in life alone. If you too are troubled in life, then worship Sai Baba. Sayin Baba will fulfil your every wish.


How to do Sai Baba fast

After getting up early, take a bath and go to Sai temple. You can also worship at home.

Taking a pledge to fast, install the idol or picture of Sai Baba and offer a yellow cloth to Sai Baba.

Worship Sai Baba with lamps, incense and flowers. First of all, perform the aarti of Sai Baba by lighting a lamp after dedicating it in flower steps.

After Aarti, offer yellow sweets or laddus to Sai Baba.

After fasting for the whole day, make a yellow meal in the evening and open the fast on your own by offering Sai Baba.

To fulfil the wish, keep Sai Baba's 9,11 or 21 fast.

After the wish is fulfilled, offer Sai Baba's fast and make Kadhi rice as a bhog.

Provide food to 9 or 11 girls in Sai Baba's Udyan and give them the book of Sai Baba's fast.

At the time of industry, the poor must feed and give alms to the poor according to their ability.

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