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Bhanu Saptami | Achala Saptami - Achala Saptami Auspicious time

Tuesday, 27 April 2021
Achala Saptami

Bhanu Saptami | Achala Saptami


Bhanu Saptami is commended each year during the Shukla side in the long periods of Margapex, Karthik, Jeshtha and Falgun and Magh. This blessed day is committed to the Lord Sun God. It is praised on each Saptami (seventh day of the waxing moon) which falls on Sundays. The day of this Saptami is otherwise called Vyasvasama Saptami or Surya Saptami. Bhanu Sun is one of the numerous names of God. The best significance of this day is to venerate the sun God who petitions God for good wellbeing, life span and riches. It is accepted that the individuals who follow this pledge will never surrender to illnesses in their lives.

Achala Saptami has special significance in Hinduism. It is also called Rath and Bhanu Saptami and Arogya Saptami. If Saptami Tithi falls on Sunday, then it is called Achala Bhanu Saptami. This year Achala Saptami is on 19 February 2021 (Friday). It is believed that on this day, to overcome the sin of seven births, the Rathrud Suryanarayana is worshipped. On this day, the sun was first published to the world. It is also known as Surya Jayanti.

Significance of Bhanu Saptami

Bhanu Saptami is the day when Lord Sun sits on his chariot. A wonderful story in the Chandogya Upanishad portrays the cycle of creation when the universe is separated into two sections, one gold and the other silver. The silver part turned into the Earth and the gold turned into the sky. While the external spread became mountains and the internal spread was secured with the day off mists, the veins inside started to stream into the waterways. The Sun Dev was then enthroned on the Lotus in the Golden Chariot. The chariot speaks to seven beams by seven ponies. Sun Dev's Sarthi is Arun.

The sun is the supplier of life for all creatures and is the divine force of wellbeing and imperativeness. Revering the Sun God consistently gives individuals a ground-breaking vision and illness free life. The fasting and love of Sun Dev upon the arrival of Bhanu Saptami is extremely successful.

Bhanu Saptami Puja Rituals


Wake up early in the morning on the day of Bhanu Saptami. Take holy baths in the Ganges or the holy river around you. If this is not possible, chant the mantras of Mother Ganga and include them in the water where you bathe. During bathing, place some leaves of Ixora Calotropis and turmeric rice on the head and wash them later by adding water to the head. After bathing, devotees should place the sun yantra on an altar and take a holy bath after sunrise and then also offer water, flowers and offerings to the Sun Dev.


Bhanu Saptami Fasting Rules

The early daytime fasting of Bhanu Saptami starts and ought to be saved for the entire day. It is viewed as gainful to break the quick after nightfall at night. Lovers don't eat anything during the day and a few people are not in any event, drinking for the duration of the day.

Advantages of Bhanu Saptami fasting

It is accepted that the individuals who take a bath in the sacred Ganges upon the arrival of Bhanu Saptami never live poor in their lives. Simultaneously, it is accepted that ladies who worship and offer prayers to God on this day are consistent to be happily married in their next birth.


Achala Saptami Auspicious time

  • Saptami Tithi starts - 18 February 2021 days on Thursday from 8:17 am
  • Saptami date ends - 19 February 2021 days Friday morning till 10 58 am
  • Arunoday on Saptami - 6: 32 in the morning
  • Observable (visible) sunrise on Saptami - 06:00 morning 56 minutes.


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