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Baby Name

Every person dreams to become the parent of a good and healthy child after their marriage and by seeing the children playing at home, everyone gets a feeling of joy. Having children at home is also said to be very good as per the religious and spiritual perspective. We have all seen and heard that God resides in every child. On the other and along with the mind when the child is born in the house there is a process of naming the child. According to the Hindu religion a name is given to the child after the naming ceremony. In this way a special process has been put up in all religions to name a child. The child is identified by this name in the future and the qualities according to the name appear in the child. So the parents should be very careful while naming their child. If you name your child casually then it definitely seems to have an impact on the child. Every name has a meaning and it seems to have a certain effect on the personality of the child.


Check A to Z Boys Names

Check alphabetically boy names easily by search on your positive alphabet here. We are giving the names of all religions in a list.

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Check A to Z Girls Names

Check alphabetically girl names easily by search on your positive alphabet here. We are giving the names of all religions in a list.

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Baby Name Latest Blog

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Search Name by Alphabetical

In the service of Astro Only, you can easily find a name for its child. All you have to do is to contact our astrologers and show them your child horoscope after which you can know about certain letters from which you can name your child. Our astrologers can help you in this work from sitting at home itself. The experienced astrologers will make your child's horoscope with the help of the date of birth and time with the help of which you will be able to know the lunar zodiac sign of your child. The child is named with the help of the Moon which is present at the time of birth. After knowing about the zodiac letters, it can easily know what name is to be given to your child with the help of this service of Astro Only. We are here with a complete list of children’s names for you and their meanings also seem to be very positive. Many times, we see such Mistakes of parents that they name the child but later they find out that the meaning of the name was not correct. In such cases, the process of renaming the child starts again but the qualities of the previous name get inside a child. So, you must be very be careful while. We are here with the names of children for you. With the help of a list, you can easily find out the names for your children.

Unique Indian's BOYS Names and Meanings

A-Z Here we are telling you the names of the boy children. We are also going to tell you the unique meaning of these boys' names. These names of boys are in Hindi also, from A-Z Boy Names to all the letters you will need. You can easily search your children's positive names here. We are giving the names of all religions in a list. All you have to do is to click on the letter with which you want to search the name. All the names will be available to you in one place. A child is known throughout his life by the same name that his parents give him. His name seems to have a great impact on the life of the child. Therefore, it is necessary that whenever you name your child, give it full time. Be sure to check the meaning of the name and the effect of that name. Your child's name will continue with him throughout his life, so do not rush in any way in this work.

While naming the child, you should keep in mind that the letter or name you are moving forward with should be compatible with your child. Many times, in a hurry, the child's name is kept in a hurry, and in the future, many negative results come to us, then we have to repent. Therefore, it is necessary that you do not make any hurry in any way while keeping the name. Astro Only has brought some special names for your children. Our name is especially for those who are serious about naming their children. So, let's know which name can prove to be favourable and good for your child.

Unique Indian's GIRLS Names and Meanings

If Lakshmi has come to your house and the girl is born, then you should be very happy for this. God has come to your house. You should be proud of yourself that you have been chosen by God for your blessings. You should be more conscious while choosing the girl's name. Astro Only has brought some special names for your baby girl. These names are very positive and will prove to be very favourable for your baby girl. A to Z Girls baby Names You will easily get all the names here for your baby girl. At the same time, we will tell you what is the meaning of that name. All you have to do is just click above the letter you want to name from the beginning. You will get lots of positive names available at one place.

While naming children, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you should take help of Jyotishacharya before naming it. Jyotishacharya will tell you in which chandra sign your child is born and with his help you will be able to know by which letter you have to name your child. Many times, we take a wrong decision in haste due to which the whole life of the child is seen to be affected. At the time of birth, you have to note the birth date, birth time and place of birth in a good way so that with the help of Jyotishacharya later you can know what the horoscope of the baby is going to be and by which letter the name of the child is going to be. The child will be recognized by that name throughout his life and the effect of that name will be seen on the child. Therefore, it becomes very important that you note down the birth details of the child fairly and properly. Astro Only's Jyotishacharya can help you so that you can easily choose a right name for your child.

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