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Planet Retrograde

Word Retrograde of the planet is commonly used in astrology. It means that the planet starts traveling in reverse motion in its house. Retrograde planets have never been considered auspicious because the planets become cruel, but there are so many different opinions about this retrograde. Some people say that the planets become malevolent. At the same time, according to some text books and astrologers, it is believed that when planets are retrograde, at that time they give both auspicious and inauspicious results. Being retrograde does not mean that the planets are moving upside down. Actually, the planets are said to be at a particular degree. For example, if Mercury is at a distance of 20 degrees from the Sun, it's called retrograde. Similarly, when Venus is at 29 degrees from the Sun, then it is spoken retrograde. Let us know that according to all astrologers and texts, interpretation of curved planets-

According to Saravali, the retrograde planets move in reverse motion, but they are pleasing. Also, according to Saravali, it has also been said that if the retrograde planet in the kundli is in an enemy zodiac, then it can also harm the person.

According to Sankhanidhi, it is believed that the planets, when retrograde, leave their house and give effect in the second house. For example, when Mars is retrograde, it shows its influence in the third house from its place and Guru starts giving results in the fifth house. Similarly, Mercury and Venus leave their place and start giving results in the second house.

According to Manteswar ji, Manteshwar ji's statement in Faldipika is that when any planet travels in a retrograde motion, the consciousness of that planet is strong.

According to Swarth Chintamani, not all planets in retrograde give inauspicious results. There are some planets which also give auspicious results. In which the planet Jupiter is included, in fact, when the Guru travels in his retrograde position, he provides happiness and prosperity to the person and the person becomes powerful and lives a glorious life. In the same way, Mercury planet also gives auspicious results to the native, but if Saturn becomes retrograde, it takes away the happiness of human life. In any case, he does not get success even by wanting it.

According to the Krishnamurti method, it is considered negative to be retrograde or enter the constellation of a retrograde planet at the time of question. In such a situation, the troubles of the native start increasing if the planet concerned is not retrograde but at the time of question it is still in the constellation of the planet that it will give negative results.

According to different opinions, we told you what the retrograde planets are and how they give results. Let us tell you about the retrograde position of some planets.


If Mars is in a retrograde position then it becomes cruel. This causes difficulties in the life of man, he starts to get angry soon. Many people become irritable like this.

Mercury Planet

Mercury gives both auspicious and inauspicious results in retrograde position. If the Mercury is retrograde in the birth chart of the native, then he starts losing confidence and becomes weak by nature, but when Mercury is retrograde in transit, the person becomes positive and strong.

Jupiter planet

When the Jupiter planet is retrograde, it gives auspicious results to the native. Every kind of financial trouble begins to go away. Unfinished work goes on and business gets promoted.


Venus gives both auspicious and inauspicious results in retrograde position. When Venus in the kundli is in retrograde state, it becomes religious in nature and starts believing in religion. Due to which his popularity also increases, but when Venus transits retrogradely, a man receives inauspicious results.

Saturn planet

Saturn's retrograde in the kundli has the most negative effects on humans. Tries to show himself strong but hollow inside. He starts suffering inside.


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Retrograde Mercury

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Retrograde Jupiter

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Retrograde Venus

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Retrograde Saturn

According to Vedic astrologers, Saturn is considered a very influential planet and it is also known as the god of justice. But there is a conception about the planet that its influence always brings problems in life.

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Retrograde Rahu

Of all the planets, Rahu is considered the most inferior and inauspicious planet. Whatever SunSign in Rahu enters it becomes the cause of misery. All the works of native gets stopped suddenly.

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Retrograde Ketu

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Retrograde Mars

Often you must have heard that the planets are changing their position and going into a retrograde position which ruins the life of the people who get affected by this process but there are some planets which impact the life of people in a positive way.

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