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KundaliTalking about the kundali, a person's celestial map at the time of birth or the map OT the outline of this picture is made in the kundali. The celestial map inside the kundali is made based upon the pre Horizon at the time of birth, the zodiac sign and the present Horizon.

This is the reason it is also called the kundali. This kundali is called the Lagna Rashi. The Lagna Rashi is given the highest importance in the kundali. The lagna Rashi is seen at the first house in the birth chart. And after this, looking at the position of the planets The Twelve Zodiac signs are placed one by one in the 12 houses of the kundali and it shows which zodiac sign is at the time of birth of the person and what its house is. The zodiac sign in which the moon is present that is said to be the birth zodiac of that person. The most important thing we have to keep in mind about the kundali is that after the lagna, the zodiac signs seem to change but the house of the kundali remains the same and it never changes. This means that the 12 Zodiac signs of the kundali keep changing but that 12 houses always remain in the same place as the house of 1 if Lagna, house 2 is related to the fate of the person and house 2, 3 and 4 always remain in the same sequence and it never changes.

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How is the lagna extracted from the kundli ?

In the Vedic Astrology, there are 3 things needed for extracting the zodiac sign of a person. These are- the English date of birth, time of birth and place of birth i.e. where was the person born. With the help of all this information, a person's kundli is made. The lagna is very easy to extract from the kundali. If you have your kundali, then the first house inside it in which the zodiac sign is written in the first house of the kundali or the number which is written, for e.g. If the digit 2 is written in your kundali in the first house then your kundali is the Taurus Lagna kundali. Can be seen very easily and it determines the behavior and nature and other important things about the person.

How to make your Kundali?

You will be happy to know that in the service of 'Astro Only' you can easily create your kundali. Just now we told you about how to look at the Lagna (ASCENDANT) and how it gives very important information about a person. Before going into the details let us now give you some general but important information about astrology and kundali.

Free service of Astro Only you can easily make your own birth chart. In the table given below first of all you have to feel your full name, after this fill your date of birth in the next box, then the correct time of birth as the time of birth is very important in the kundali. If you mess up with the time of birth then let me tell you that your kundali can go wrong and at the end you have to fill in the correct information about the place of birth. As soon as you click the button below, your kundali will appear in front of you. In order to see your kundali first one has to see the ascendant kundali (lagna kundli). There are two things which are very important in the kundali, the accident kundali and second the lunar kundali (Chandra Kundli). With the help of the accident kundali we come to know about the overall information of a person at the same time the lunar kundali tells us specifically about the nature and behavior of that person.

What are the benefits of a Kundali?

Let me tell you then there are many benefits of a birth chart. You must know that astrology is a science, not just a prediction. Let me tell you that this is not a science which makes some random guesses about your future instead it tells us the position and direction of the planets at the time of birth of a person and which planet is evaluated in zodiac sign of that person because it has been mentioned in the scriptures that every person is connected with the planet for years and changes happened in the life of the person in the same way as planet moves. With the help of a kundali, a person can know what education should he do in his life or what kind of job will be good for him. Apart from this all kinds of details related to the life of the person .business, family, marriage, wealth, disputes all present inside the kundali and this is the reason why the importance of kundalis is more. If a person adopts his life on the basis of his qualities then he will certainly be seen having harmony and success in his life.

What are the 12 Houses of the Kundali?

First House of the Kundali :-talking about the twelve houses of the kundali, then the first house as we told earlier is the lagna house. This denotes the complexion, appearance behavior, reputation and fame of a person.

Second House of the kundali :-this is connected with the wealth or religion of a person. This tells us about money, gold and silver, speech etc of a person.

Third house of the kundali :-when you talk about the third house of the kundali, it is said to be of courage. This gives us the information about a sense of courage, valor, Brotherhood, bravery and neighborhood which has a special importance in the kundali.

Fourth house of the kundali :-the fourth house of kundali for the fourth house is said to be the most important. Having good planets around this makes a special house for the person. This house is a house of happiness which shows us about happiness, sorrow, jewellery, friends, vehicles and heart related things.

Fifth house of the kundali :-the fifth house of the kundali is seen telling things like children, knowledge, intelligence, love, future etc.this a house of triangle which is also seen talking about the Isht Dev.

Sixth house of the kundali :-The sixth house of kundali is considered to be negative and it will be better if this house is kept empty. Here, we can see talking about enemy, war, quarrel, lawsuit and injury.

Seventh house of the kundali :-This house is seen telling about things like husband and wife, marriage, pleasure of women etc.

Eighth house of the kundali :-This house appears to be talking about things like age, death, wealth, secrets,diseases and would be better if this too is left empty.

Ninth house of the kundali :-this house is related with religion and this is a very good house. This tells about things such as travel, Fortune, religion and education and also things related to career.

Tenth house of Kudali :-this house of kundali is related to things such as business, higher officials, job, livelihood etc.

Eleventh house of kundali :-this house is an important house like the tenth house. This tells us about Income and what kind of income the person will earn.

Twelfth house of the kundali the twelfth house of kundali is said to be the house of expense as it is related to expenditure. This tells about things like expenses crisis etc and this house of kundali also should be kept empty.

The Importance of the kundali

If we talk about the utility of the kundali, every creature in this world is affected by the influence of planetary constellations. Every living creature in the world is affected by the movements of the planets and it behaves according to the nature of the planets. It is possible to know about the past future and present of a person by astrology but the question arises here in which Bay and how a person's past future and present to be recognized. Let me tell you that all the planet's qualities and every planet is affecting each and every other subject of life. The planets of our birth are determined on the terms of previous births and to know about the present life we must focus on the current planetary positions and the Mahadasha because according to them we are behaving in our present life or whatever is happening right now happens according to them. The utility of the kundali is also seen in our lives because in the first running world we are unaware of the results we are going to receive for our present work, the education that we are receiving right now will be beneficial in future or not. If we are receiving the wrong education will e bi be left behind in the competition. In order to find all these things the utility of kundali has increased. We all know that in this run away life one singer mistake can backfire so with the help of kundali we can already know and understand in advance what will be good for him in the present and what should be done to make the future better.

Types of kundali

There are eight main types of kundalis-

Ascendant kundali (Lagna Kundli)- it provides all the information of a person's life and also tells us about what is hidden in the present and the future as well as what will be the qualities of the person.
Lunar (Chandra) kundali this also provides information on all the topics related to a person's life. The lunar kundali has a special significance for children as it is studied for the children's future.
Hora kundali The hora kundali tells us about the wealth and money of a person and how well can we attain wealth in his life and how will he Run his business or job.
Dreshkon kundali this kundli gives details about a person's happiness in his life, happiness of siblings and how will this happiness prevail in his life.
The Sapth Mash Kundali (sapthamsh)- this kundali tells us about the happiness of child bearing in his life and how it will be in his life all this is discussed here.
Navmansh Kundli- this Kundli gives information about the pleasures and happiness of a female in a person's life. It talks about the impact of a female or a male in a person's life.
Dwadashansa- this kundali talks about how will the happiness of parents be in a person's life? This gives information about the parent child relationship and how well it will be in life.
Trishansh- Trishansh kundli gives all the information about the wishes and character of a woman in life.
Now let me tell you that in this part of’ Astro Only’ you can make your own kundali also we can study about the kundali to a large extent. We have already mentioned the information regarding the lagna kundali. If you will learn how to look at a Lagna kundali, then you will come to know what qualities you have as a person and which behavior is appropriate for you. With the service of 'ASTRO ONLY' you can make your kundali very easily and with the help of our experienced astrologers you can get more information about your future and your future results through this kundali. Along with this our experienced astrologers can accurately and correctly assess your kundali and tell you what is hidden for you in the coming time.

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