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Hand Written Kundli

Hand Written Kundli

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If you want to get the kundli written by hand from Panditji then it will also be available for you above Astro Only. For years Jyotishacharya was seen making horoscopes by hand, but now the help of technology has progressed and for the last few years, people are getting the horoscope made by computer, but even today some people want their handmade Kundli. The biggest feature of the hand made Kundli is that the result of planets written in it is accurate. The movement and the condition of the planets are the same in all the kundli, but in the hand-written Kundli, the predictions and the result of the resulting planets are written by the hands accurately. Looking at the planets, Panditji is seen writing the fruits of the planets after seeing the condition of the planets. This kundli has been seen in India for thousands of years and Astro Only is doing the work of maintaining this tradition. We will provide you hand-written kundli from our well-known and reputed astrologers.


What is a horoscope?

What is the condition of the planets at birth, what is their condition becoming, which planet will be seen giving fruit in whatever way, what achievements are going to be in the life of the native and what problems will befall the child? I will have to bear all these things in the horoscope. There are 12 houses in the horoscope and the zodiac signs and planets are sitting in 12 houses. These zodiac signs and planets determine how our future life will look as it passes.


Features of handwritten Kundli

The biggest feature of a Kundli written by hand is that it is more accurate. Another great feature of a handwritten horoscope is that the resulting fruit is said to be more accurate. The horoscope and what are the defects, it is all accurately told in this horoscope.


Astro Only's Jyotishacharya will get you a more accurate and reliable handwritten kundli but you will have to wait at least 7 days and maximum of 14 days to get this Kundli. We will be seen sending you the handwritten horoscope on the mail and at your stated address.

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Astro Only is a rapidly progressive name because of the magnificent services in the field of Astrology. Astro Only is attaining new heights of popularity in the field of Astrology day by day .Our brand is becoming prominent in this field because of the authentic and accurate predictions and other services. Your satisfaction is our purpose. It is our prime goal to serve you by enhancing the positivity and enthusiasm in your life. We will be glad to get a chance to serve you with the help of valuable knowledge of Astrology.

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