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Lal Kitab

You must have heard about the Lal Kitab in astrology but many of you hardly know what it is and how it is related to astrology. Today we shall tell you everything about it.

So let us know.....

During the birth of a person, the planets and constellations which are present at that time have an effect on the birth chart of that person. The planets have both good and bad effects on humans. Nobody wants to know about the good effects but everybody is interested in knowing about the bad effects which can affect their future. So this book which gives us the formula to avoid the bad effects is called the Lal Kitab. The history of Lal Kitab has been told differently.

  • It is believed that a book named Lal Kitab was written in 1939 by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi a native of Jalandhar. This book was written in Urdu language but Arabic and Persian words were also used in it.
  • In 1940 the addition of Lal Kitab was published. In the addition of 1940 which consists of 156 pages in which only some facts were included. Later in 1941, a 428 page book was published in which all the sources were described in detail. In this way this book was edited several times and the final version is said to be the 1952 edition.
  • Some scholars of astrology say that the Lal Kitab is celebrated on the Kaal rule of Parashar Samhita. While some believe that the Lal Kitab is Arun Samhita. Actually, Parashar Samhita is the only text of astrology.

Specialty of Lal Kitab

It is clear that this is a book associated with astrology, in which a person is told to avoid the effects of planets. These remedies are so easy that any person can easily understand and also get benefits.

In ancient times, Totka was used to get rid of any planetary problems. Neither the way of doing it was clear nor was the profit guaranteed. But with the arrival of Lal Kitab, Totko etc. was destroyed and the correct formula was told to people.

There has been much confusion spread about the Lal Kitab, but it is necessary to know that the above learning is a part of the Indian folk tradition or folk culture, as well as its basic Vedas. Let me tell you that confusion was spread because the book was not written in the Indian language. It is a commendable step towards the of storing the scarce formulas of Lal Kitab

Before taking the remedies of Lal Kitab, it is very important to know what  the problem of the person is. That is, which planet has the side effect in his horoscope.

According to Lal Kitab, if any planetary constellation has an effect on the body of a person, then his good or bad symptoms are seen on the body accordingly. Due to bad or the good planet, not only the person but also the surrounding environment and other things get affected.

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