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Kundali Matching

KundaliWe all know that it is very common to match the horoscope of the girl and the boy before marriage as it has been going on for centuries. We can easily know that these people will have a happy and smooth married life with the help of the horoscope. It also helps us to know that in future they will be facing any problem related to married life or not. All these things are known at the time of matching the horoscope of the girl and the boy. The horoscope is matched very easily to the planets which tells us how compatible they are with each other, will this marriage be carried out successfully, will they have a happy married life or will there be some problems in future. These things can be understood and sorted out with the help of the horoscope matching. If scientifically speaking, in today's time this tradition is considered to be very conservative but let me tell you that the horoscope matching can be justified both in practical and scientific ways. While matching the horoscope of a girl and a boy if it does not match with each other then it means that they can face many troubles and health related problems in future. This also means that the boy and the girl will have opposite behavior towards each other; they can also be seen fighting with each other over small things after the marriage.

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Significance of Match Making

You must know that by matching the horoscope one gets to know whether they are worthy of each other or not. If they are found not worthy of each other then this marriage can cause a lot of problems for them in future and in such a situation the couples even think of a separation. In a way by matching the horoscope, it seems to have done a good arrangement for a positive life. If one gets to know about the problems they will face in the future in advance, then it's always better to step back from this marriage. Despite knowing all these problems if one gets married then he/she may have to face a lot of problems in their married life.

What do you mean by matching the qualities (gunn) of the girl and the boy while matching the horoscope?

The most important thing that we pay attention to at the time of horoscope matching is how many qualities of the boy and the girl are matched, this is also called 'Gunn Milan.' During the process of horoscope matching, the qualities of both the girl and the boy are matched by looking at their respective horoscopes. There are 36 qualities in a horoscope and if 18 qualities out of 36 or 50% of the qualities are found in the horoscope of the girl and the boy, then this is a good sign regarding the future of their marriage.

What do you mean by Manglik in horoscope?

While matching the horoscope of the people who are getting married, it is very important to see if the two of them are Manglik or not Manglik? Both the girl and the boy are Manglik then the marriage can be conducted after matching the qualities. But in cases like if one of them is Manglik and the other is not then such marriage is not considered to be auspicious. Let me tell you that a lot of confusions and misconceptions have been made regarding this topic but it is always believe that a person who has a Manglik dosha is likely to have a angry behavior due to which it will take time to coordinate with his partner and some people also believe that this Mangal Grah also reduces the lifespan of the partner. A very easy trick to see the Manglik doses if a person has Mangal Grah in his marriage in that case most of the people are Manglik. The person with a Mangal dosha has to marry a Manglik person only. This is an important thing that has been studied under the horoscope. But let me tell you that if a person is Manglik or not is determined only after looking at all the planets we cannot decide it on the basis of the position of one planet only if it is done so then this is not correct.

How are the Kundali matched?

As we mentioned earlier, while matching the horoscope the planets of the girl and the boy are matched, their passions are matched and the Yogakaraka planets as well as the Mark planets are matched, then only their qualities (gunn) are determined. It also shows that there are no defects (dosha) in their horoscope. This also another defect which is very important while matching the horoscope, if this defect is present then they should not get married and that defect is called Nadi Dosha. The people who have a Nadi Dosha are advised not to marry. Why matching the horoscope, we begin with the passions of the boy and the girl on the basis of which the numbers/scores are given. Also while matching the horoscope, the characters of both the girl and the boy are matched, the voice she is matched, their stars are matched, the yoni is matched, their friendship is matched, qualities, bhakoot are matched and finally the Nadi is matched after which, it determines what is the score out of 36 is given between the girl and the boy.

In the service of'' Astro Only', you can easily match your Horoscope and find out whether there is a possibility of a marriage occurring or not. Let me tell you that you can also take the help of our 'Astro Only' Astrologer to do the horoscope matching. With the help of our experienced astrologers we can tell you easily by matching your Horoscope that the relationship which you are looking forward to, will be beneficial for you and your child or not or whether there would be a lot of uneasiness in your children's life. The marriage is not just a relationship but it is a relationship that should last for years, so those people who marry the children in a hurry are often seen upset and disappointed. Make sure that while matching the horoscope you should not mess with the date of birth or with the place and time of birth of the person as a correct and accurate horoscope only determines the future of both the girl and the boy.

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