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Guru Ram Das - Biography of Guru Ram Das

Monday, 15 February 2021
Guru Ram Das

The life story of Guru Ram Das - Guru Ram Das Jayanti


Guru Ram Das Jayanti 2021 - 9 October (Saturday)


Guru Ram Das- It is widely known that Guru Ram Das was one of the ten leading gurus of Sikhism. He was born on 24 September 1534 in Lahore. He was named Jetha at the time of his birth and he became an orphan at the mere age of 7 as his parents passed away. After this, he started living with his grandfather in a village.

At the age of 12, Jetha and his grandmother moved to Goindwal where he met Guru Amar Das. There he made Guru Amar Das as his mentor and served him. Guru Amar Das’ daughter married Jetha and hence Jetha became a part of Guru Amar Das’ family. Guru Amar das choose Jetha to be his successor rather than choosing his own sons as per the tradition of Sikhism and changed his name to Ram Das.

Guru Ram DAS became the guru of Sikhism in 1574 and until his last breathe he kept on serving as a guru, he died in 1581. Guru Ram Das had to face the enmity of Guru Amar Das’ sons. The newly established city called Ramdaspur was later on changed to be known as Amritsar which is believed to be the purest place of the Sikhs. He is remembered for his tremendous contributions towards the Sikh tradition and also for the Manji organization. Guru Ram Das choose his sons to be his successor after his death.


Biography of Guru Ram Das

Guru Ram Das was born into a family of Sodhi Khatri in Lahore in a chana Mandi. His parents’ names were Hari Das and Daya Kaur. Both of them passed away when he was 7 years old. He was raised by his grandmother. He married the youngest daughter, Bibi Bani of Guru Amar Das. He had three sons-Prithvi Chand, Mahadev and Guru Arjun.

Guru Ram Das died on September 1, 1581, at Goindwal, Punjab. Among the three sons, he chose his youngest son Arjun to be the fifth guru of Sikhism after his death. This led to some controversies and disputes among the Sikh community.


The credit of the foundation of Amritsar city

Guru Ram Das has been praised for the foundation of the holy city of Amritsar of the Sikh tradition. There are two sets of stories about the place where Guru Ram Das was settled down. Based on a gazetteer record the land was purchased by the people of Tung village with the help of the contribution made by the Sikhs which was rs 700.

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