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Indira Ekadashi 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Indira Ekadashi 2021

Indira Ekadashi 2021

Date- 02 October 2021



Indira Ekadashi is considered to be the Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha that falls on the Ashwin month. This Ekadashi is very significant because it comes in the ancestral side. This is the reason that by keeping this fast, the ancestors and the forefather’s will get liberated from their sins and shall attain a place in heaven. The main reason for observing the Indira Ekadashi fast is to attain the blessings of Lord Vishnu and your and ancestors.



Indira Ekadashi auspicious time-

Date - 02 October

Time - October 03, 06:14:47 to 08:36:54

Timeline - 2 hours 22 minutes



Indira Ekadashi Puja method and process-


Fast should be observed following these rules in order to attain heaven for the ancestors and to get rid of their sins-


Step 1- on the day of fast you should wake up early in the morning and take a bath.

Step 2- wear clean clothes.

Step 3- it will be good if you take the resolution of the fast after taking the bath.

Step 4- after taking the bath you must worship Lord Vishnu.

Step 5- lord Shaligram should be bathed with Panchamrit and the Shradh should be duly performed.


Step6- you must worship Lord Rishikesh with incense, Lamps and naivedya.



Things that should be avoided during the fast-


- a person observing the fast must not sweep and mop his house on the day of Ekadashi, no matter how dirty his house is. By doing so you may threaten the organisms living on the ground. Therefore it is prohibited to sweep your house during the day of Ekadashi fast.


- On this day, a person must consume the selected foods according to the fast. Onion garlic Honey meat or flesh should not be consumed even by mistake.


- cutting your hair is prohibited during this fast therefore haircut should be avoided on this day.


- By observing celibacy one must not do anything related to enjoyment.


- You must avoid speaking too much.



Importance of Indira Ekadashi-


There are many believes about the significance of this fast but most of the people observe this fast to wash away all their sins of their forefather's bad yoni and attain the Abode of heaven. Lord Vishnu and the ancestors of a person observing this fast are pleased. As a result of which they give good fruits and it will attain the Abode of heaven and will also get rid of the repeated process of birth cycle on earth. If a fore father becomes the part of the Yamraj's punishment. So according to the scriptures this fast should be observed so that your family members will get the salvation and we'll go to the VykuntaDham.




According to a mythical belief, there was a king named Indrasan of the kingdom Mahishmati who was a very good king and a great devotee of Shri Hari. There was no such shortage of anything in his Kingdom. There was happiness all around and the people were also happy with their king. Once upon a time lord Vishnu Supreme devotee and the son of Brahma, Shri Narad Muni came to his assembly. To this, Narad Muni told the king about the condition of his late father. According to Narad ji the king's father during his lifetime was unable to complete a fast due to which he is suffering. Listening to the sufferings of his father the king became very sad and asked a solution for this. To this, Narad Muni told the king about the Ekadashi that falls on the Ashwin month of Krishna Paksha and said that by observing this fast your father's soul will attain salvation. This Ekadashi is also called as Pitru Paksha Ekadashi because it is also that time of fore- fathers. The Shradh Karma performed on this day make the fore-fathers happy and they get rid of the bad yoni. They attain the Abode of Pitru Srihari. According to the scriptures this fast is completed on the next day ie. On the day of Dwadashi after the sunrise on the Paran muhurt. After listening to Narad Muni the king duly completed the fast of Indira Ekadashi which resulted in the father's liberation from the sufferings of the Yamlok and goes directly to the Abode of Vishnu’s Vaikuntha Dham.


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