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Jaya Ekadashi - Jaya Ekadashi Vrat 2021

Tuesday, 16 February 2021
Jaya Ekadashi Vrat 2021

Jaya Ekadashi - Jaya Ekadashi Vrat 2021



Jaya Ekadashi Vrat Muhurat For New Delhi, India


Jaya Ekadashi Parana Time :

06:51:55 to 09:09:00 on 24th, February

Duration :

2 Hour 17 Minute


Jaya Ekadashi is a fasting custom celebrated on an Ekadashi date as per the Hindu calendar that falls on the month of Magha during the Shukla Paksha and if you follow the Georgian calendar this day falls between the month of January and February. It is believed that if this Ekadashi falls on a Thursday then it is considered to be even more auspicious. This Ekadashi is celebrated in the honour of Lord Vishnu who is among the three main Gods of the Hindu tradition.


When is Jaya Ekadashi in 2021?

23 February 2021 (Tuesday)


In 2021, Jaya Ekadashi is expected to fall on 23 February, Tuesday. On this day majority of the Hindu devotees all over India will keep a fast in the name of Lord Vishnu and will worship him.

The Jaya Ekadashi fast is kept by almost all the Hindus especially those who are the strict followers of lord Vishnu to receive his divine blessings. It is also widely believed that observing this Ekadashi fast will wash away all your sins and one will get salvation. Jaya Ekadashi is also known as ‘Bhumi Ekadashi ‘and ‘Bhishma Ekadashi’ in some parts of southern India especially in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


The rituals and fast and fast of Jaya Ekadashi


The main custom of the Jaya Ekadashi is fast. All the devotees keep fast throughout the day without eating and drinking anything. It is said that infarct the fasting starts with the date of ‘Dashmi’. To ensure this, the Ekadashi fast begins after the sunrise and after that nothing is eaten the whole day. The Hindu devotees observe a strict fast from the sunrise of Ekadashi to the sunrise of Dwadashi tithi.

During the period of fasting, one must not allow any kinds of thoughts regarding anger, lust or greed to enter into his mind. This fast is to purify both the mind and the body. The keeper of this fast should serve food to Brahmins on the Dwadashi tithi and this is how he should break his fast. The fasting person should stay awake at night singing hymns and worshipping Lord Vishnu.

People who cannot observe a full day fast can keep a partial fast with fruits and milk. But this exception is only for elderly people, pregnant women and people who are suffering from serious physical illness.

Even those who are not willing to observe this fast should not eat anything made from rice or any kinds of grains on this particular day. You are also not allowed to apply oil on yourself on the day of Jaya Ekadashi.

On this Ekadashi day, Lord Vishnu is worshipped early morning and he is offered with Panchamrit and flowers. On the day of Jaya Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshipped with full devotion. All the devotees wake up early in the morning and take a quick bath. A small deity of Lord Vishnu is kept at the place of worship and devotees worship him by offerings him sandalwood paste, season fruits and Ghee Diya lamp. Reciting ‘Vishnu Shashtranam’ and Narayana Stotra’ is considered to be very auspicious on this day.

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