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Safala Ekadashi 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Safala Ekadashi 2021

Safala Ekadashi 2021

Date - 9 January 2021 and 30 December 2021



Safala means success. The Safala Ekadashi is the most important for those who wish to succeed in their lives and it is called the Krishna Paksha Ekadashi of the Pausha month. It is believed that if a person observes the Safala Ekadashi fast, then all his wishes will be fulfilled successfully. Worshipping Lord Achyut Special importance.


Safala Ekadashi auspicious time

Date - 9 January

Time - 10:15 am to 9:20:38 am on January 10

Timeline - 2 hours 5 minutes


Safala Ekadashi auspicious time

Date - 30 December

Time - December 31 at 7:13:29 seconds to 9:17:40

Timeline - 2 hours 4 minutes



Safala Ekadashi Puja method


The means by which you observe the fast of Safala Ekadashi should also be followed properly along with worshipping Lord Achyut. Therefore the process is mentioned in the chronological order which should be followed accordingly-

Step 1- take a Vow of the fast after taking an early bath in the morning.


Step 2- lit the lamps and offer fruits and Panchamrit to God and the temple.


Step 3- worship Lord Achyut with coconut, cloves, Amla, betel nut and pomegranate.


Step 4- the bhajan of Shri Hari is important at night but it is not mandatory.


Step 5- it is important to observe a fast the following day. During the fasting period, you can donate or feed a Brahmin or a needy person.



Things to be avoided during the fast-

-Avoid sleeping on the bed. It would be appropriate to sleep on the ground.


- You must stay away from any kind of food which is forbidden during the fasting. Such as meat, liquor, onion garlic etc.


- Use of toothbrush or any kind of tooth cleansing is prohibited after the Ekadashi fast.


- During the fast you must avoid plucking any flowers or leaves as it is included in the inauspicious task of the fast.



 The significance of Safala Ekadashi-


Both the beginning and end of the year 2021 coincides with the Safala Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is even more important because it was mentioned by Lord Sri Krishna while teaching the Gita to Arjun. This Ekadashi is mentioned as a dialogue between Lord Krishna and Dharma Raja Yudhisthira in the religious texts. All The Sorrows of the people who observe a fast on this day are taken away by the God and opens their fate. It is believed that in order to fulfill all the wishes and Desire a person observes the fast of Safala Ekadashi. Tapasvi can get the fruit of the penance which he was doing for 5 years by keeping this fast.





There are several mythological stories about Safala Ekadashi. All the stories are related to the ancient city of Champawati where the king's name was Mahishmat who had four sons. The king's eldest son Luyuk was immersed in misdeeds and sins. He was expelled from the country when his sins became excessive, after which he had to live in a forest where he had to satisfy himself by consuming fruits and leaves.

After this there is a two way perception.


According to the first perception- the king's son was hungry in the forest for many days so he went in search of food where he met a monk who fed him. Impressed by this, he redeemed his sins and became a disciple of the monk after which he had a complete change in his character.


According to the second perception, during the Pausha month of Krishna Paksha Luyuk was unable to sleep because of the cold and he was also hungry for a long time. After going through so many sufferings he began to apologize for his sins to God. He unintentionally kept fast for the whole night as he was starving and did not had any trick or greed in his mind. God Was pleased by him and by his Grace Luyuk's father brought him back to the Palace and held everything in his hand and the father Mahishmat himself went to the forest for penance.

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