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Vaishakh Amavasya

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Vaishakh Amavasya

Vaishakh Amavasya falls on the Krishna Paksha of the Hindu month of Vaishakh, which is the second month of the Hindu calendar. According to the Georgian calendar, this festival falls in April/May. In 2021 this festival is scheduled to fore on 11 May.

This day is important as on this day we pray for our ancestor's honour and the salvation of their souls. According to the Vedic traditions, the blessing of forefathers plays an important role in the well being of the family. And according to the astrological point of view, this day is very significant to get rid of any Kaal Sarp dosh. In some parts of India, such as in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh, this day is celebrated in the form of Shani Jayanti.

The mythological story behind Vaishakh Amavasya-

The importance of Vaishak Amavasya is described in the Hindu mythological stories. A long time ago, there lived a Brahmin named Dharmvarna. Class he was very religious and inclined towards spirituality. He started living a saintly life, fasting, doing Yagna and attaining knowledge from the sages and gurus. During one search session of Yagya, he realized or attained the knowledge that there is nothing greater than worshipping lord Vishnu in the Kaliyuga. Just chanting the name of Lord is equivalent to performing difficult religious rituals and Customs.

Dharm varnan was feeling very empowered after the session of knowledge, due to which he renounced the world and took an oath of celibacy and begin a Sermon life with his mind and senses only e and decided to to dedicate his entire life in worshipping Lord Vishnu. One such day, during his journey e he reached the place of his and ancestors. There he saw his father in a very bad condition. Seeing this he became very upset and asked what could be the reason behind this. His ancestors told him that, father is in this condition because Dharmvarna has taken The Oath of celibacy and there is nobody else in the family who can give salvation to the souls by performing the rituals.

They requested that dharma varnan should end this aesthetic life and marry someone and have kids. Then only e the condition of ancestors is likely to improve. Along with this, Dharmvarna and should perform the rites and rituals on every Vaishak Amavasya that will grant him salvation. Dharmvarna promise that he will do anything in order to give his ancestors liberation. He then went back , got married and on every Vaishak amavasya he paid tribute to his dead ancestors and helped them in attaining salvation.

The Puja of Vaishak Amavasya-

On the pooja Day, one must wake up before the sunrise and take a bath and after that you must take a bath in a holy river. The Ganga or the Yamuna River is considered as the holy rivers according to the Hindu religion for taking the bath. You can also take bath in any divine water bodies.

After taking this holy bath one should worship the Sun god. Then the sesame seeds should be kept in the running water and watering a peepal tree is also considered very auspicious on this day.

The Shani Jayanti is also celebrated in some places on this day. For this one must offer mustard oil to the deity and worship Lord Shani and offer him Black Sea same seeds and you must let a mustard oil lamp in front of the deity. It is also considered to be very auspicious donating to the poor on this day

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