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If flat feet Daughter in law come in the house, then the house is destroyed? So what can be the solution for this?

Tuesday, 03 August 2021
Inauspicious time in life

This is accepted in some states of India. It is believed that if a flat-footed daughter-in-law comes into the house, it destroys the house and bad times begin. Here flat feet mean that if the bottom part of a woman's foot, whose soles are spoken, if it is completely flat, then it is considered inauspicious. Let us tell you that even in government jobs, when army or police medical is done, then it is seen that the person's feet should not be flat, which makes it difficult to balance.

But if such a daughter-in-law comes in the house, it is considered inauspicious, so in some states, the feet of the daughter-in-law is seen at the time of marriage. It has been a tradition for thousands of years that the daughter-in-law is the Lakshmi of the house, if a good girl enters the house, she is seen progressing and prospering, and if an unlucky girl comes, she also gets annihilated in the house.

But no one has control when the feet are flat. Therefore to say that such a daughter-in-law is completely inauspicious is also not correct. If your feet are flat in your house, then you should take some measures so that you can convert your auspicious things into auspicious things-


1. Get up early in the morning

Such a woman should wake up early in the morning and must worship Lord Surya. By doing this, all the defects are seen to be removed. After getting up early in the morning, after taking bath, etc., giving water to Lord Surya daily, and chanting the mantra Om Surya Namah, inauspicious things are removed.

2. Tulsa Ji worship

Along with this, it has also been told that if such a woman continues to worship Tulsa Ji, then the inauspiciousness seems to be going away from her. Every day, water should be given to Tulsi Ji in the morning, the lamp should be lit and a lamp should be lit in the evening also.

3. 5 Mukhi Siddha Rudraksha

If such a woman wears a proven five-faced Rudraksha, then she is also seen to be getting benefits. Five Mukhi Rudraksha can also be called a surefire remedy to remove the inauspiciousness of this method.

Ask Pandit Ji the exact solution, luck will shine.

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