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India vs England 1st Test match prediction: Who will win IND vs ENG Test?

Friday, 30 July 2021
India vs England

India vs England 1st Test Match Prediction


The first Test match between India and England is going to start on August 4. Astro Only brings you the astrological predictions of India and England Test matches. First of all, the kundli of Virat Kohli will be assessed and it will be seen what kind of planets are being formed in Virat Kohli's kundli before the test match of India and England. After this, the kundli of England team captain Joe Root will be seen and it will be told that the captain's planets are good. Which team can win the match? Let us tell you that this is a prediction in astrology, which has been assessed by looking at the position of the planets-

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Virat Kohli Kundli Indian Cricket Team Captain

Name: Virat Kohli

Date of Birth: Nov 05, 1988

Birth time: 10:28:00

Place of Birth: Delhi

If you look in the kundli of Virat Kohli, then the position of the Sun is not good for the present. Virat Kohli should first focus on his own game. Too much haste and anger remain the biggest enemy of Virat Kohli at the moment. Virat Kohli should act with intelligence and discretion. The position of Mars is good. On the strength of might, Virat Kohli can be seen performing better in this test match. Virat Kohli needs Sun as well as mercury for this test match, only then he can get better results in the match with the right decision. Virat Kohli can be seen performing a little better than before. In the first test match, if Team India is able to get the right guidance from Virat Kohli, then this test match may look like a draw, but some decisions of Virat Kohli can be seen to be weighing on Team India.



Joe Root Kundli England Team Captain

Name: Joe Root

Date of Birth: Dec 30, 1990

Birth Time: Not Known

Place of Birth: south yorks

If we look at the kundli of Joe Root, then at present, Joe Root also seems to be a little more mentally disturbed. There will be some players who can be injured, from the England side. Moon in the Joe Root Kundli is weak for a few days, then mental problems are going to be more in front of them. In this match, their problem can be seen pushing them and the England team back into the match.

If we look at the astrologer's prediction, then 40 percent of the match can now be called towards India, 50 percent towards England, and 10 percent towards the draw.


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