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Kanchi Kailashnath Temple

Monday, 19 April 2021
Kanchi Kailashnath Temple

Kanchi Kailashnath Temple, Tamil Nadu
Lord Shankar lives in every corner of the world. The glory of Shankar ji is said to be the highest in India. There are a large number of temples of Lord Bhol here. There are many temples whose architecture and amazing structure is worth seeing. We are telling you about one of those temples ... the name of that temple is Kanchi Kailashnath ... let's know
Kanchi Kailashnath Temple is built on the banks of the Vedavati River in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shankar. Here, Shankar ji is seated in 16 Shiva lingams. The beauty of the temple is very attractive. The walls of the temple are decorated with sculptures in such a way that everyone keeps looking.

History of Kanchi Kailashnath Temple
It is believed about the history of the temple that Emperor Narasimhavarman I built this temple. He built many temples in his time, but the most attractive temple among them is this Kanchi Kailashnath temple. This temple was built during 685 AD to 705 AD. It is also known as Rajasimha Pallaveshwara because Raja Narasimhavarman was the king of the Pallava dynasty. Generations of Pallava dynasty continued the construction work in the temple from generation to generation. Narasimhavarman's son Mahendravarman built the tower in the front of the temple.

Amazing structure of Kailashnath temple
The foundation of Kanchi Kailashnath Temple is made of granite. Sandstone is used in the carving of the outer structure of the temple. The temple is constructed in the Dravidian style. Here idols of the dancing forms of Lord Shiva Parvati are made. Which is the biggest beauty of the temple. Apart from the main temple, 58 small temples are also built here. The sanctum sanctorum of the main temple has 16 Shivling made in black granite. Whose vision only surpasses Naiya Bhavsagar.
There are two gates for entering the temple complex. Out of which movement is not allowed through the gate made in the east. But from the gates which are in the south direction, devotees come to the temple for darshan. Sculptures of lions were carved on the pillar of the temple. The lion statue on the pillar of the temple adorns it as it has guarded Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Temple opening hours
The temple is opened for darshan at 6 am and closed at 12 noon. Visitation can be done from 4 pm to 7 pm in the evening hours.
Celebrations of Kailashnath Temple
Mahashivaratri, the most loved festival of Shiva, is celebrated with great pomp in the Kanchi Kailasanath temple. At this time lakhs of devotees come here and participate in a grand celebration on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. It is believed that anyone who visits Bholenath's 16 Shiva lingam in the Kailashnath temple on Shivaratri, never sees sorrows in life. If you also want to fill your life with happiness, then go to Kanchipuram Kailashnath temple in Tamil Nadu and come to see Shiva lingam.

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