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Retrograde Saturn

According to Vedic astrologers, Saturn is considered a very influential planet and it is also known as the god of justice. But there is a conception about the planet that its influence always brings problems in life. However, this fact is not true because what it will bring positive or negative impact in life it only depends on what house in Saturn is right now. With the help of this article you would know what happens in people's life when Saturn moves in different zodiac Signs in retrograde motion.

Impact of Retrograde Saturn

It is clearly known to us that retrograde Saturn impacts life in a negative way over our life but what house of retrograde Saturn gives positive or negative impacts will be known to you after reading the article thoroughly.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali First House

Being in a retrograde position in the first house Saturn always gives some positive results and some negative results. In many situations, a person gets a lot of good luck. On the other hand, a person gets into a miserable situation in life. Saturn causes disease when it comes into the first house of kundli.

Retrograde Saturn In Kundali Second House

Being retrograde in the second house, Saturn makes a person more religious, loyal. The person gets financial profit in life. The native being loyal towards work. Humbleness and loyalties can be seen in behaviour.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Third House

If retrograde Saturn in the third house there will be an obstacle in every important work. Such a person gets failure in every path of life due to this he can be seen unhappy and unsatisfied. Overall, it can be said about the Saturn of the third house that it gets a lot of bad impact in the life of native.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Fourth House

When retrograde Saturn enters in the fourth house it gets physical misery in life. The planet gets to people suffering from diseases. Not only that, It also brings bad luck in terms of health issues in the life of family members including children. Family life of such a person gets affected by adverse impact of Saturn.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Fifth House

Being in this house Saturn gives inauspicious results to the native. The Chance of getting cheated by a love partner are increased. Some close friends of native also try to plan to looting are increased in this situation. However, the family life does not get affected by this position of Saturn. Happiness of life is maintained during this time .

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Sixth House

Retrograde Saturn becomes a very powerful being in the sixth house. It also gets good results for the native. The native feels good and able to fight against enemies. The opportunities of travelling gets increase. The native travels a lot during this period and gets a lot of happiness in family life.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Seventh House

Retrograde Saturn being in the seventh house gets problems into parents' lives. It has been seen that this position of Saturn makes them weak and their health is deteriorated day by day.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Eighth House

When Saturn is retrograde in the eighth house, the person does not take part in any kind of religious activity. Such a person gets frustrated and tense. Such people are made to face many obstacles in life because they do not also get support from family in adverse times .

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Ninth House

The Saturn being retrograde in the ninth house gets happiness in life of native. Such people becomes loyal and helpful to others. The native is seen to be ready to help others in needy time. A lot charity works are done by the native.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Tenth House

The retrograde Saturn of this house helps native to get to profit in business and makes the financial situation better for native. In business investments get started profit as early. However, this position of Saturn gets a lot of problems in life.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Eleventh House

When Saturn retrograde in this house it makes the person proudly and devilish. Such a person can be seen to be cheated to own family. Retrograde Saturn makes a person become selfish.

Retrograde Saturn in Kundali Twelfth House

Retrograde Saturn of the twelfth house gets the native all the material happiness. But Saturn makes the person dissatisfactory by nature and always feels disappointed towards life.

Remedies For Retrograde Saturn

There are so many solutions told by astrologers what can be performed to reduce impact of retrograde Saturn. After performing these solutions can get good results in place of the bad impact of Saturn.

Before Sunrise native should light the lamp of mustard oil under peepal trees on Saturday. It brings down the impact of Retrograde Saturn.

Native should clean the temple by broom and donate essential things among needy people.

Every Saturday, Native should chant the mantra of Om Shan Shanshanraya Namah mantras 108 times by doing this Shani Dev will be happy and get positive results.

On Saturday native should donate the clothes being used and avoid buying such items of iron.

Native should worship Lord Hanuman as well as Shani Dev. It will brings positive results in life.


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