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Friday fast rituals

Saturday, 17 April 2021
Friday fast rituals

Friday fast rituals


All days are equally believed to be important in the Hindu calendar. Friday is also important like other days. Friday is dedicated to Lakshmi Mata. But Santoshi Mata is also celebrated on this day. Along with this, the fast of Friday is also done by people. The fast of Friday is one of special importance for happiness and prosperity at home. Glorifying the Goddess Lakshmi on this day and doing a fast with complete rituals, fulfills the desires of the believer and there is no scarcity  of money at home or the family member. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, provides immense wealth to her devotee if he is pleased.


Maa santoshi pooja steps


Three types of fasts are usually done on Friday. In this case, it is important to know the correct method. We will let you kn ow the method of fasting of Santoshi Mata step by step, so that by using this method of fasting, the result of fasting can be achieved.

Step 1 - One should wake up before sunrise in the morning and after that take a breath and wear new clothes.

Step 2 - It is important to take a confidence in yourself for fast after the bath.

Step 3 - Keep gud and chana prasad in tamba vessel and it should be distributed to all.

Step 4 You should worship your mother Santoshi duly.

Step 5 You should listen to and narrate the story of his mother Santoshi and also perform aarti. Step 6: Any kind of sourness on this day. Its use is considered taboo.

Step 7 : Water, where the vessel should be sprinkled in every part of the house. The remaining water should be sprinkled in the basil plant.


Friday Fast steps


Lakshmi Maa is also observed on Friday. Other methods performed during the fast remain the same, but it is important to pay attention to some things.

The method of this fast is as follows -

Step 1 - Red flowers, white or red sandalwood should be used in worship. Take and give kheer in it.


Importance of the Fast


The fast is kept on Friday to attain fortune. Keeping this fast brings happiness and prosperity in the family. Fasting on this day develops the richness and life that is auspicious. This fast should be observed on 16 consecutive Fridays.


The story of the fast


In a city of ancient times, a youth lived with his old mother. The old mother married her son, but after marriage the old man used to bother her daughter-in-law and would not even feed her. One day the youth, upset with his mother's actions, decided to leave the city and go to a different city and went away after telling the mother and wife. On the way to the city, his wife asked for something from his wife as a token of remembrance, but his wife had nothing. One day he heard about the fast of Santoshi Mata and started fasting for Santoshi Mata. Due to the effect of this fast, her husband's letter and money started being received. The married life began to prosper, but due to the burning of the marriage, the woman living in the neighborhood started feeding her child, which angered her mother Durga and took the married husband to the king. Her mother's resentment was felt after seeing the status of the married woman and then the wife asked for forgiveness, after which the mother forgave her and returned to full life again.

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