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Thursday Vrat Vidhi, Niyam, Katha, Aarti

Thursday, 18 March 2021
Thursday Fast Vidhi

The method importance and story of the Brihaspati fast

The fast of Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and it proves to be beneficial for human beings. Observing a fast on this day strengthens the position of the planet Guru in the Kundli of the human being. Thursday fast has many benefits so this fast must be observed. The girls who wish to attain their favourite grooms, the childless couple and the people who are unemployed must observe this fast to fulfil those wishes.


The Puja method of Thursday fast-

Good results can be obtained by following the fast in the correct manner.

Following are its steps

Step 1- one must take a bath before sunrise and wear clean clothes.

Step 2- after taking a bath one must worship Lord Vishnu in the form of Brihaspati Dev.

Step 3- you must use yellow sweet, yellow rice, turmeric, yellow flowers and other yellow things in the worship.

Step 4- you must meditate on your wishes and worship Lord Vishnu.

Step 5- the worship of the banana tree is considered to be mandatory on this day.

Step 6- after worshipping the banana tree Aarti should be performed with the lamp.

Step 7- like The Other fast in this fast to you must consume the food only once a day.

Step 8- the story of lord Brihaspati should be heard and recited on Thursday.

The importance of the Thursday fast

Thursday fast holds a special significance. As such this fast is also observed to keep our body healthy. A person observed this fast to fulfil his various needs. Fasting on this day fulfils many wishes of a human being simultaneous. Thursday fast should be kept in the form of essential needs such as health and family Essentials. This fast is observed especially to remove all the sufferings.

What are the things that should be done on Thursday fast?

- You should not wash dirty clothes outside the house on this day.

- Bananas should not be used in food this day as they are worshipped on this day.

- cutting Nails and shaving should be avoided.

- Use of soap in bathing and washing of hair should be avoided on this day.

- It is considered most appropriate if you worship immediately after the sunrise.

The story of the Brihaspati fast

The Brihaspati fast or the Thursday fast has a legendary story behind it. According to the story during ancient times there was danveer king. The king donated more than needed and help the needy. But in contrast to this his wife always worried about the king's habit of donating. Making a donation was painful for her. One day when the king went hunting, lord Brihaspati disguised in the form of a monk and approached the king's wife and requested her to donate. The king’s wife postponed the monk's request twice. Then when the mock arrived for the third time asking for a donation, the king's wife got angry and begins to despise the monk. Seeing this behaviour of the king's wife, lord Brihaspati told her to do 7 things like consuming meat drinking alcohol-consuming bananas and washing the hair while bathing and also getting the clothes washed by a washerman on Thursday are things that are banned on doing on a Thursday. The king's wife did the same. By doing this there was not even a single grain left in his house on Thursday. Everyone left her and she was alone with her maid. One day when they did not have a single grain she sent her made to hear her sister for help. As the elder sister was observing the fast of Thursday that day, she couldn't respond at that time and was in most of her worship. After reaching the younger sister's house the next day understanding the situation she asked her to observe the fast of the Thursday in the right manner. The king's wife did the same and in a few days, my family became happy again.

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