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Lal Kitab Dosh

Inside the Lal Kitab Shaastra Book, there are very good and surefire remedies for the defects (Dosh) present in the Kundali. With the help of these remedies, the person can put an end to all kinds of problems in his life. The Lal Kitab has the power to point to every event that happens in a person's life. The direction and condition of the planets bring troubles and happiness in the life of every person, which is said to be the fate of the person in normal language. If everything is happening good in life then the position of the planets is beneficial and if there are constant troubles in life and the position of the planets is to be held responsible for them. The problem of marriage, business related problems, accumulation in the house, negative energy in life, planetary positions have been considered as factors for them. Due to the bad position of the planets, many defects occur in the kundali, due to which we remain troubled. With the help of Lal Kitab, measures have been given that a person can make his life happy. Due to the combination of the kundali house and the planets many times some defects in the kundali arise. To eliminate the defects of the kundali, there are some remedies in the Lal Kitab and many times special worship is available in this shastra.

Lal Kitab Shastra is not a new scripture or a new book. This scripture has been present in our midst for thousands of years and seems to be helping us. Inside the Lal Kitab, kundali houses and planets are known by different names, such as some houses and their planets are called the owners of houses, some houses and planets as Neech houses-planets and some planets as destructive planets. At the same time, some planets are seen as sleeping spirit-planets, some are seen with low-spirit planets within the Bhava state. In the Lal Kitab, the defects inside the kundali are also called by different names, such as some defects are formed by debt itself (swayam rin), some are made by pitra debt.

If a person has to face troubles in life and end all kinds of sorrows from his life, then he should know about the defects of his kundali. If you know your dosha or your illness then only you will be able to get rid of that disease completely. Astrologers of Astro Only will tell you about these doshas in this part and will also show the way to solve them. With the help of these measures, you can bring happiness back to your life.


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