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Lal Kitab Totke

Lal Kitab totke, of course you may find this name a little strange, but in easy words, you can understand in this way that we are going to tell you some ways to avoid any kind of problems in your life. Simple words these are the Lal kitab remedies. These remedies have been named Totaks, but when you read these Totkas, you will feel that this is just a solution which is a simple way to eliminate the problems that are happening in your kundali. Inside the Lal kitab, the Sun is called the King of Wealth, the Moon is said to be poisonous water, Mars is said to be the father of nobles, Mercury is said to be a Yogi King, Guru is described as Brahm Gyan, Venus is written a house full of children house, Shani is said to be the creator, Rahu is said to be the gem of the snake and Ketu as the dog to scare children.

Due to these planets, happiness comes in your life and if this planet is not in the right position and is not sitting in the right house, then due to this, you have to face problems. Measures have been given to end the problems of Lal Kitab. These measures have been named Totaks. It is also written in the Lal Kitab that the tricks are not the ones that bother others. Totka are very easy solutions with the help of which you can correct your life and bring happiness. In this section of Astro Only, we are going to tell you about very easy but miraculous measures.


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