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How many of Ganesh idols can we keep inside our house?

Sunday, 27 November 2022
Lord Ganesh Idol

Devotes like/love to keep/collect unique and best kind of pictures in their house. Even in temples, the count of statues increase. Even when people go somewhere and they see a good looking statue/picture of their favourite god/goddess they will buy it and bring it home so they can prey on it.

Whereas in ethology statue of the god is shown superior and important than pictures. Not everyone knows this and that's why people bring a lot more statues or pictures than needed or else put a lot more statues in the temple and in fact that should not be done. 

According to ethology "ASTRO Only Jyotishacharya and Pandit JI" 

Has written a lot of things about statues in his books/novels and even this blog is from one of his books/novels and this blog is specific and important and that's why it is necessary for every person that reads this blog must also share it with others. So with your and their help each and every person knows the importance of the statues/pictures of the god/goddess so that they don't make the same mistake again.

How many of Ganesh idols can we keep inside our house?

If someone wants to bring a Ganesh idol then the person should bring that statue in a sitting position because a standing Ganesh idol has never known to bring good 'Shubh' into a house. Even in a house, there should be always an even number of Ganesh idols and not in an odd number. That means In a temple or a house the no. Of Ganesh idols should be inorder of 2,4,6 and not 3,5,7,9 and even 1 statue is prohibited because it is also an odd number. 

Now as per the previous fact there would be a question in everyone's mind that the idol placed on the main door of the house should also be counted or not? Right?. And so the answer is yes because even if it is placed on the main door it still is your property. The Ganpati idol which you have placed there brings prosperity to your house and that's why they should also be counted. If you are bringing Ganesh idol to your house then you have to take care of it and that's your duty and with all due respect and instructions you should serve under him, you have to give him a bath, serve him food, and likewise you have to serve him and take care of him. And by doing this the negative vibes/forces will slowly get out of your house and positive vibes/forces gets increasing. 

And if you cannot do this much every day then do it just once a week or once a month without any selflessness and you will for sure get positive results.

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