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Importance of Mantra - Om Hanumante Namah (ॐ हनुमते नमः)

Saturday, 13 February 2021
Om Hanumate Namah Mantra

Om Hanumate Namah


Lord Hanuman, who is called the God of Kaliyuga, is considered to be the 11 incarnations of Lord Shiva. He supported Shri Ram Ji in exile (Vanvas) time and promised him that he would always support the devotees and Shri Ram Ji entrusted him with the responsibility of the earth. It is said that Hanuman Ji still lives on earth. Shree Hanuman Ji is ajar and immortal, it is very important to know the path of devotion to him. Today, we are going to tell you about a mantra that can make Shri Hanuman Ji happy very soon for his blessings. Let's know which is that mantra-


The mantra to make Lord Hanuman happy is… Om Hanumate Namah.


The great glory of this mantra has been told in ancient textbooks. It is said that chanting this mantra gives desired results. Get rid of diseases and troubles. Let's know the meaning and importance of this mantra.

Om Hanumate Namah Mantra means that Shri Hanuman Ji we salute you again and again. Through this mantra, devotees salute Lord Shri Hanuman with all their devotion and sincere dedication.


Importance of Mantra - Om Hanumante Namah


Lord Shri Hanuman is very powerful. Recalling them at the time of crisis provides relief from the crisis. This mantra is called Sankat Mochan Mantra.

Many times it happens that we do not sleep at night and start feeling scared. In such a situation, Om Hanumate Namah should be chanted.

Chanting the mantra provides freedom from fear, disease, enemy ego, anger and sufferings. And the body also becomes free from sufferings.

If this mantra is chanted before beginning any new work, then the work progresses well.

Continuous chanting of this mantra nullifies the conspirators and all wishes are fulfilled.


How to chant the Mantra


Devotion to Lord Shree Hanuman Ji should be pure and pure.

After getting up early in the morning, after retiring from thinking etc., wear yellow clothes and chant Om Hanumate Namah 108 times with a Chain (Mala) of Rudraksha.

Going to the Hanuman temple before sunset on Saturday and Tuesday is said to be very beneficial to chant this mantra.

On Tuesday, offer vermilion, jaggery and gram to Hanuman ji and chant this mantra and ask Lord Hanuman to bless him with devotion.

Feed bananas to the monkeys on Tuesday.

Devotees who get devotion to Hanuman Ji. They get happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

The chanting of this mantra also results in fasting.

For the progress of children and higher education, they should recite Hanumate Namah Mantra 1000 times.

Try to keep the mind aloof while chanting the mantra. Chant the mantra at the most seated and peaceful place.

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