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   Pausha Purnima

Monday, 19 April 2021
   Pausha Purnima

   Pausha Purnima 2021


Date -Thursday, 28 January 2021


  Pausha means the month of Sun god and Purnima means full moon day. Both sun and moon are of great importance in Hinduism. This is the reason why the full moon on the Shukla Paksha of Purina which is the Pausha Purnima is considered to be e very meaningful.

On this day, donations, baths and arghya are offered to the Sun god. It is believed that all the religious activities like worship and charity performed during the month of power are considered meaningful by taking a bath and fasting on this day. Taking a bath in the Prayagraj, Haridwar and Kashi is considered to be very auspicious on this day.



Auspicious time of Pausha Purnima-


Purnima begins on-

January 28 from 01:18:48

and ends on January- 29, by 00:47:17



Pausha Purnima Puja method and process-



On the day of Persia Purnima, bidding Charity and fasting are considered to be very important. On such days all your religious works can be carried out meaningfully by using the right method which is as follow-


Step 1- wake up early in the morning and take the resolution of the fast.


Step 2- before taking the bath, you must bow down in front of Lord Varuna.


Step 3- after bowing down to the deity of Varuna  as well as taking the resolution of the fast, one should take bath in the holy river.



Step 4- offer arghya to Sun God. You must chant the Surya Mantra while offering arghya to Sun God.


Step 5- worship Lord Madhusudan after offering arghya to Sun God.


Step 6- donate sesame , Jaggery, blankets, clothes and necessary items to the  brahmins or to the needy people.



Significance of Pausha Purnima-


It is considered very auspicious to take a bath in the holy river on the day of Pausha Purnima. In the view of its importance, bathing is organized in every part of the country. On this day, taking a bath in Prayagraj, Haridwar, Ujjain And Nasik is considered most significant. According to the Hindu belief, taking a bath in this Holi waters is considered to be very beneficial.



The events organized on Pausha Purnima-


On the various Tirtha locations across the country, the bathing is organized on the day of Pausha Purnima. Large religious fairs are also organized in many places on this day. The Prayagraj is one such pilgrim place where the magh Mela is organized with great enthusiasm. Due to the importance of bathing in the holy river, it is organized in many places. In fact, people gather on the banks of river from the month of Pausha and this enthusiasm goes on till Mahashivratri. The people who come to the banks of the river in the month of magh and stay there till the Mahashivratri are called Kalpavas. This festival lasts for one and half month. Taking a bath in the holy waters and charity are considered to be of great importance on this day.



The story of Pausha Purnima-


Bidding on Pausha Purnima is of great importance. There is a legendary story behind this. This story is about the time when the Gods and Demons lived on the earth. Lord Vishnu made a massive churning of the liberation from the Curse of Being inferior to Goddess Lakshmi in which both Devtas and Asuras participated. According to the story, the churning of the sea was going on. During this, there was a tussle between the Devtas and the Asuras. When the Amruth Kalash came out of the sea churning, there was a lot of confusion between the two groups. And in this tussle, a few drops of the nectar from the Amruth Kalash fell into Prayagraj, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. Therefore these rivers are considered to be the most sacred rivers and taking a bath in the rivers on the day of Pausha Purnima is considered equal to taking a bath in the Amruth.

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