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Kundli Dosh

KundaliThe future can be known by looking at the position of planets in the kundali. But many times you have heard the astrologers saying that there is a flaw or a defect in your kundali due to which you may have to face some troubles. Hearing this you start thinking what can be the flaws and what do you mean by defects or the Kundli dosh. So let us tell you that all the planets take their place in the kundali but sometimes due to their condition and direction such a plan is made that the planet is not able to give good outcomes even if it is in the good house. There are many reasons for the defects in the kundali due to which the person may have to face problems in life.

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What are the types of kundali defects?

We can also call the Kundli dosh a negative effect in simple words. In the kundali every planet takes their place and also looks at other planets due to which the effect of planets is seen to change. In addition to this the zodiac planets constellation direction and condition also have their own special impact through which a person’s future can be predicted. But sometimes, in some certain circumstances there are also defects found in the kundali of a person.

Why do the kundali defects take place?

The defects in the kundali can occur due to the planets at the time of the birth of a person or it can also occur by looking at the changes in the position of the planets in the coming time. Sometimes the defects in the kundali are also because of a person’s deeds in his past life which can be reduced through certain measures. Therefore it is said that a person's actions do not leave him until he has completed his seven births. But it is necessary to take some measures for any type of defect in the kundali otherwise the person’s life will be surrounded by sorrows, troubles ,financial crisis, emotionally weak and physical suffering. But before that it is necessary to know what defect has taken place in a person's kundali.

How can one see the kundali defect?

In order to find out the flaws in the kundali it is very important to have knowledge regarding astrology. Along with this, it is also important to know what impact a planet has on a person or whether the vision of two planets are related or not and if the sinful planets are reducing the effect of auspicious planets or not? All such effects take place which affects the life of a person from time to time. The Kundli dosh depends on the persons Mahadasha, Antardasha, Dasha and the direction of the planets. The effects of these dosha or defects last for many births and sometimes it passes on to the next generation.

Can the kundali defect be removed?

Knowing that there are some flaws in the kundali of a person they get upset and many questions arise in their minds like whether this defect will continue to give them problems in their lives or whether these difficulties can be eliminated? Let's tell you that you can get rid of all these defects. These dosha are related to the Karma of a person which can be known by looking at the position of the planets in the kundali. In such a situation if it is known which planet is causing ill effects of the deeds of the previous birth then measures can be taken to eliminate these defects.

How can Astro Only help you with the kundali defects?

Astro Only is trying its best to eliminate any problem related to astrology. Our astrologers assess the kundali of a person very closely and find out which planets and your eggs are forming in the life of a person which is troublesome. In simple and clear words a person can easily understand about the defect that has occurred in the kundali and along with this you can also know about the remedies to eliminate this defect. Just as the defects are different similarly the remedies and measures are also different from each other. But with the help of our astrologers you can get rid of any type of dosh vendor or defect through Mantras Puja Vidhi and Yantra.

6th house of the Kundali

This house is called the place of Enemy and disease and because of this we get to see negative things in our life. By this house we can know about a person's disease Enemies quarrels, loss of servants, sin- deeds etc.

What problems can take place due to the defects in the kundali?

Whatever the type of flaw may it be, there are always problems and troubles in a person’s life. Such as there is a sudden loss in the established business, hindrance in starting a new work, the happiness of a family is disturbed, even the unmarried people do not get good proposals for marriage or health related disorders find to increase. If auspicious news is received from your children then it is the indication that the effect is occurring in one person’s kundali. This defect makes the person weak from his financial status to emotions. The side effects of the doses can also cause barriers in attaining a child. The unexpected increase in marital disorders, the occurrence of accidents is all the indication towards the kundali defects.

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