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Chalit and Chandra Kundli chart

KundaliThis has a huge contribution in the Hindu religious tradition. A kundli is a document without which a person remains incomplete throughout his life. Only refers to a person's past deeds. A person also investigates the future based on his present. To make a Kundli the correct, date month and location are required on the basis of which the astrologers construct a Kundli of a person on the basis of his knowledge and according to the position and time of the planets. An attempt to make life positive and to overcome the problems only by knowing it beforehand can be done on the basis of kundli. In such a situation its importance can be understood. There are many types of kundli but today we will talk about the Chalit and Chandra Kundli.

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Chalit Kundli chart-

The astrological Kundli is called the Chalit Kundli, that is , astrology assesses this Kundli very carefully. These Kundlis are prepared on the basis of the position of the planets in the bhavas. In the moving Kundli chart the first house is calculated relative to the actual Lagna degree. It starts 15 degrees before the chart is placed and is also present after the 15 degrees of the lagna house. And the other planets are calculated on this basis.

For example, if you are looking at 32 degree Virgo then the first house of the moving Kundli chart will be 17 degree Virgo and it will end at 17 degree Libra.

The creation of a Chalit Kundli-

Very theoretical methods are used in the construction of a moving Kundli so its construction is Impossible without an Astrologer. A slight disturbance can change the position of all the planets. Before the preparation of the moving Kundli, the chart is to be clarified and the position of the planets and also the Sandhi and Madhya bhava and as well as the lagna Kundali is also clarified. Only after this the moving only is created.

In this construction it is also seen that if the zodiac signs are clear in the middle then the zodiac sign which is clear in the first house and what is cleared in the second house is marked in the second house. While preparing the chart, this Zodiac signs are marked by looking at its expression rather than marking it sequentially.

Chandra Kundli chart-

The Chandra Kundli chart is decided on the basis of the position of the Moon. Although this Kundli is important, in many cases it becomes even more important. The Chandra Kundli ranks second in chart Kundli on the basis of importance. The first house in the Kundli will be considered to be the same house in which the moon has been considered as the God or as the ruler.

For example, if the moon is placed in the 6th house in the Kundli then the first house will be considered as the 6th house and the 7th house will be accepted as the second house.

The Chandra Kundli precautions-

The greatest caution in its construction is that it keeps on changing its location in a very short time. In such a situation it becomes important to check it again and again.

The importance of the Chandra Kundli-

The moon has a huge contribution in the kundli of a person. Moon is the only planet that keeps changing its position throughout the month so the person expects positive changes in his zodiac sign from the Moon. From its changing position the positive signals that we receive makes us positive.

The moon is considered to be very close to the earth. In such a situation the need for the treatment of the moon is the most needed. If you also wish to change the position of the moon in your Kundli, then you must contact the astrologers today. If you need more information regarding this then you can immediately call and talk to the astrologers to get a solution to your problem.

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